Why To Use A Tablecloth?

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As the name suggests, a tablecloth is a piece of cloth used to cover a table. However, there are many other reasons and benefits of using a table cover. It is probably the most versatile decor element and can be used for multiple purposes. Whether you’re looking for something to protect your fancy tables from spills and damage or you want to add a splash of color and flair to your event design, table linens can definitely come in handy! They come in a wide range of colors, styles, designs, and fabric materials and can be coupled with other linen accessories such as table runners and napkins to enhance both the table aesthetics and overall decor. But many people neglect the importance of a tablecloth and deem it unnecessary in an attempt to limit their budget. So, if you’re new to the decorating world and want to get your basics cleared on what is the purpose of tablecloth, we’re here to help! We’ve gathered all the different purposes and reasons why you should use a table cover for your next table decor project.


Conceals The Flaws

 Most people decorate their tables with tablecloths to hide the imperfections and table legs. Dressing up an old and drab table with a cover can effectively give it a new look while concealing all the unsightly scratches, stains, and flaws. Choose premium fabric tablecloths that offer high coverage such as polyester, satin or velvet tablecloths for an impeccable table decor.

Boosts The Aesthetics

Most venues offer mismatched or old furniture that can significantly dull down your decor aesthetics. Thus, when it comes to elegantly decorating your event tables, table linens are the go-to option to elevate the decor and impart a cohesive and harmonized look. However, if you’re after an extravagant appeal, choose a fancy fabric for your table linens such as satin, taffeta or velvet to infuse a chic and posh allure into your event design.

Prevents Surface Damage

Since food spills, scratches, and scuffs are inevitable at any party, draping a tablecloth on your dining table can protect the surface from all kinds of damage. Moreover, if you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party or setting up a casual lunch in your backyard, a table cover acts as a protective shield for the table against harsh weather conditions. While plastic waterproof tablecloths are better suited to prevent damage from spillage or rain, fabric tablecloths provide safety against the scorching sun rays and frost.

Adds A Splash Of Color & Texture

Every event has a theme and color palette and using colored or textured table linens can help reinforce your theme. Choose from the extensive range of colors, styles, and designs to add a dash of color and texture to your table design. While white and neutral-colored tablecloths impart a graceful and classy appeal to the decor, picking vibrant and bright colored linen tablecloths to outfit your party tables can create a striking contrast and charm.

A tablecloth is the main component of a tablescape that never goes out of fashion.  No matter the purpose, we offer an impressive selection of high-end tablecloths at cheap prices to help you achieve your desired result without breaking the bank. Browse through our collection and take your pick now!

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