How To Choose A Table Runner?

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The art of putting together an awe-inspiring tablescape requires more than a little thought and effort. But when done right, it shows you how creatively adding a little decorative flair to your table by mixing and matching different textures, patterns, and styles together can boost the appeal of your overall decor tenfold. From tablecloths and table runners to place settings and centerpieces, there are a lot of details you’d need to cover while building a fresh tabletop look. And we understand why you’d be wondering how do I choose a table runner to effortlessly infuse personality into the entire tablescape. While you may not have enough time to try out a few looks every time to see what works best, we’ve covered a few basics for you to keep in mind while decorating a table with elegant table runners that’ll help you master the art of tablescaping. Read along and get to know all the useful tips for elevating your table aesthetics to the next level.

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What Material Should A Table Runner Be?

You can layer the tablecloths with fancy table runners at a wedding reception or any special occasion or simply swap out the tablecloth with just a few decorations arranged atop lace table runners, sheer organza table runners, or even vintage doilies creating a wonderful tablescape. While there are endless ways to dress up the tables for any event, you’d want to put plenty of thought and effort into choosing the right pair of accents for an alluring appeal. It’d be much easier for you to mix textures and patterns when you’re well aware of the different materials available on hand. At tableclothsfactory, you’ll find a variety of elegant table runners that’ll transform your tables into ethereal tablescapes. Whether you opt for chiffon table runners, cheesecloth runners, or polyester table runners, our linens are designed to pull all your event décor together with their charming appeal. However, it’s still better to try out a few new looks or visualize the placements for the table linens before your choose other tabletop accents.

How Do I Choose A Table Runner Size?

It’s important to choose the right size and material of a table runner that’d go with your table to achieve your intended look. Traditionally, table runners lay lengthwise and are centered across the table with at least 6 inches of fabric hanging over the edges. That means you’d need to measure the length of your dining table first and see if the table runner size is appropriate. However, if you prefer long table runners, make sure that the runner doesn’t hang further than the length of your tablecloth. You may also opt for gold maple leaf vinyl table runners centering them lengthwise across the table to bring focus to your beautiful centerpieces. And if the runner has tassels like our Mexican serape table runner, it should be longer than the table so that the tassels hang down instead of sitting atop the table. Now for the width, a table runner should be sized approximately 1/3 the width of your table which means you should first measure the width of the table and then roughly divide it into three to set the linens in proportion with the table.  

How To Decorate Your Table With A Table Runner?

No matter how you place the table runners, they’ll somehow protect them from damaging the tables in case of spills that may be caused due to serving pans, dripping candles, or oil. Whether you’re dressing up a table with a shimmery sequin runner or draping a fluffy fur runner down the table, make sure that the whole tabletop look complements your event décor.

Moreover, the art of tablescaping is a lot more than just choosing the right materials for a picture-perfect appeal. You may lay rustic table runners across the width of your table, crisscross black and white table runners on the tabletop, or drape mirror foil table runners down the table to create a wonderful table setup.

Explore all your options for table runners at tableclothsfactory and incorporate these plush linens in your tablescape to make your setting feel more luxe and upscale. Let us know what you think about creating different looks with simple décor accents in the comments section below!

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