What Flowers Are Suitable To Use For A Funeral?

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Flowers have a language of their own as different species symbolize different emotions and messages. Where some represent hope, good luck, and joy, others are associated with death, grief, and mourning. Thus, choosing the right kind of flowers for different events is crucial to signify your sentiments in an appropriate way. While picking and arranging vibrant flowers and foliage for a wedding or any other celebratory event is fun and exciting, it can prove to be quite a difficult task in distressing times (such as funeral ceremonies and memorials) if you don’t speak the language of flowers. So, if you want to learn about what flowers are suitable for a funeral to be prepared for when the time comes, we at tableclothsfactory have got your back with the list of popular florals for funerals and an extensive collection of realistic-looking artificial flowers that’ll help you create appropriate and everlasting floral arrangements to express your love for the deceased.  Just keep on reading to uncover the symbolic meaning hidden behind each flower type to add a heartwarming touch to the ceremony.

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Popular Flowers For Funerals

Flowers have been used to convey strong feelings when words fail people. This is most likely to be experienced when we are in mourning or grieving. Thus, flowers can be used to compensate for unspoken words. However, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to funeral flowers, so here is a list of commonly used flowers and what they represent to help make the selection process easier for you.


A classic and traditional choice for funerals— Gladioli represent the strength of character and moral integrity. These tall flowers come in a bunch of bright shades and help uplift the mourning family from the depth of loss.


Being the most versatile flowers, roses certainly have a place among flowers associated with death and mourning. From red roses representing love, respect, and sorrow and pink roses symbolizing appreciation and gratitude to white roses conveying the innocence of the departed, each color has a different meaning to express sentiments in a suitable way.


One of the most common flowers you’ll see at funerals is the white lily as its simplicity and delicate color evoke peace and serenity. They are also said to symbolize paradise waiting for the departed soul and restored innocence while extending sympathy to the bereaved family.


Carnations are one of the most used flowers for funerals not only because of their delicacy and beauty but because of their different colors that signify different emotions and sentiments. While red carnations symbolize deep love and admiration for the deceased, white carnations represent innocence whereas pink carnations are associated with remembrance. 


Chrysanthemums are one of those flowers that convey different messages in different parts of the world. While they are said to be a sign of encouragement and healing in the US, they are seen as the symbol of death in Europe and associated with grief in Asia. No matter the symbolism, mums are generally believed to be a positive and cheerful tribute to the deceased.


Although one of the most underrated flowers for funerals, orchid stems carry a promise of everlasting love and remembrance. There are many types of orchids, but only pink and white orchid stems are considered mourning flowers since they convey sympathy and love for the bereaved family.

From birth to death, flowers are perceived to have significance in every stage of the life cycle. They are a traditional way of honoring the departed, which is symbolic of the fragile, fleeting nature of life. Whether you want to create everlasting floral arrangements to be put on the grave or you’re looking for long-lasting flowers to keep the flower display looking fresh throughout the funeral ceremony, artificial flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers! Browse through our impressive collection of artificial flowers and choose ones that’ll help you convey your message appropriately. Do you want to know the meaning of any other flower? Ask away in the comments section below!

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