How To Decorate A Wedding Arch With Flowers?

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Exchanging vows and pledging the eternal love for each other at the wedding is that one moment which brings immense joy and romance into the entire ambiance and to make this magical moment even more special, a beautiful wedding arch laden with pretty floral is what you need. Wedding arches come in amazing shapes and styles that not only exude a divine feeling but also serve as a statement-making piece. Like every couple, if you also want to have a perfect wedding with a unique and breathtaking wedding arch, we suggest picking hexagon shaped wedding arches. Imparting style and elegance into your merry moments, a hexagon wedding arch embellished with blooms is that one decorative accent that will instantly spruce up your wedding décor. So, if your wedding bells are ringing and you want to learn, how do you make an arch flower arrangement on a hexagon wedding arch, read along, and explore some trendy ways to create a celestial looking hexagon wedding arch.

hexagon wedding arch

Wedding arches have long been used to bring that perfect whimsical feel that truly transforms the wedding ceremonies into imperial realms. Many people believe that decorating a wedding arch is a skill, as there are different styles, structures, and assortment of flowers selections which makes it hard to decide from where to start. What if we say its not! With little creativity and right supplies you can make a stunning diy hexagon wedding arch like a professional decorator. Let’s learn how!


Set The Foundation!

Set the foundation for your wedding arch by picking a heavy-duty backdrop stand that provides a robust base to your classic backdrop. For that, we present to you our heavy-duty double sided wooden hexagonal arch & gold metal hexagonal wedding arch, the sturdy formation and artistic frames of these arches will give your floral display a perfect base. The solid metal construction of our metal hexagon wedding arch will provide a secure, safe, and sturdy structure to your floral arrangement, whether its heavy or light. Whereas our wooden hexagon wedding arch is crafted from strong, superior quality wood and its sturdy double-sided style will give a magnificent structure to your flower wedding arch decor.


Selection Of Floral & Foliage!

Adding flowers on a wedding arch is always a delightful experience, these splendid beauties create a fairyland feel and magically elevate the overall look of the ceremony. Nothing can surpass the beauty of fresh blooms, especially in a wedding arch, but having plenty of them can get heavy on your pockets. Create the same impact while staying in budget by incorporating our faux floral & greenery. Imitating the freshness of real blooms, our exclusive collection will let you create some realistic-looking flower arrangement on your hexagon shaped wedding arches.

Floral For Seasons

Imbue seasonal vibes by choosing the blooms that complement the season, let lavender hydrangea & ice blue rose flowers give your winter wedding arch décor a magical feel and for your summer nuptials, pick warm shades like red, yellow, & pink. A floral hexagon wedding arch for a fall wedding with orange baby breaths & blush mum flowers will be a perfect pick and peach, blush & cream peonies with a splash of green leaves will exude romantic vibes into your spring wedding.

Floral For Themes

Make a magical hexagon wedding arch for your garden themed wedding by creating a floral covered wedding arch with pink, white wisteria vines, red roses, and willow green leaf garland.

Create a classic theme by arranging eucalyptus garland with ivory roses and further add palm leavesdried ferns with pink & white flower garland to ingeniously highlight its visual appeal.

Exude pure bucolic vibes by creating a rustic hexagon wedding arch with cream roses, peachcoral peonies, lavender lilies, white baby breaths with burgundy dahlias and plenty of leaf garland.


Assembling The Floral!

Creating a floral arch is like painting a beautiful scenery where keeping a balance approach is very important. Don’t go over the board to decorate your hexagon wedding arch, make sure to keep it symmetrical, like bunch the floral in even amount on both sides of the wedding arch or if you like a heavier arrangement, cover your diy hexagon wedding arch completely with blooms. Satisfy your aesthetic taste by arranging the flowers the way you like and exude whimsy all around your space.


Attaching The Floral!

The most technical part is to attach the flowers on a hexagon wedding arch and with right supplies you can easily do so. To make sure that your blooms are tightly fixed, use floral foam bricks, pew clips, nylon backdrop clips, foam bouquet holders, decorative tape & ribbons. These simple yet highly efficient accessories will ensure that your faux floral and greenery arrangement is intact even after the event. To create an impeccable hexagon wedding arch, make sure that all the supportive accessories are hidden by tulle, greenery, and flowers.


As you can see making an arch flower arrangement is not that difficult, just follow the right steps and create a miraculous hexagon wedding arch. Do share how you like this blog post in the comment section below!

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