What Is The Best Fabric For Tablecloths?

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When it comes to decorating a tablescape for any formal affair, holiday, or casual family dinner party, using a tablecloth sets the base for your decorations. Though a table cover is basically used to protect the table from any kind of damage, it is so much more than that. It allows you to add color and style to your table decor and helps elevate the overall event design up a notch.

Tablecloths come in a variety of fabric materials including cotton, polyester, satin, and linen that can make choosing the right table cover a bit challenging. No matter if you’re new to the world of designing and decorating or you’re searching for a tablecloth that’ll perfectly suit your needs, knowing what type of fabric is best for tablecloths can definitely come in handy! Thus, we’ve listed different fabrics tablecloths along with their benefits and drawbacks to help you in your search for the best linen for your table.


Cotton Tablecloths

Cotton is arguably the most durable and easy-to-maintain fabric material for a tablecloth. The tight weave lends itself to stunning embroidery designs while it can also be dyed into a variety of colors without any color variation. Cotton tablecloths are also highly absorbent which prevents accidental spillage from damaging the surface of the table. They can be machine washed with stain treaters or even bleached for whites helping you achieve the perfect look every time.

Polyester Tablecloths

A chemically made fabric—polyester tablecloths offer similar benefits of cotton along with some additional perks.  Like cotton, polyester is a durable, machine-washable fabric that is available in a variety of rich and vivid colors. However, polyester doesn’t shrink like cotton but has a shinier and silkier appearance. Polyester tablecloths are inexpensive and can be used multiple times without losing their charm which makes them the perfect table covers for both formal events and casual get-togethers.

Vinyl Tablecloths

If you’re looking for a tablecloth for informal and outdoor dining, vinyl is the perfect material for you. The benefits of a vinyl tablecloth include weather resistance and easy clean up. This fabric material is water resistant and protects the table from stains, sunlight and air exposure. Vinyl & plastic tablecloths are available in several different colors and patterns to match any color scheme or theme but they aren’t ideal for formal and luxurious events like weddings.

Satin Tablecloths

Satin is another synthetic fabric with an even more glossy appeal than polyester. This lustrous fabric drapes well and radiates a stunning gleaming allure adding the perfect balance of elegance and glamour to the design. A satin tablecloth is quite durable but does require a bit of care and maintenance to keep up the look.

Tablecloths are no doubt an essential decor element however, it is important to consider the purpose of using a tablecloth when choosing the type of fabric material.  We at Tableclothsfactory offer an impressive collection of high-quality yet  tcheap tableclothso help you effortlessly achieve a stylish drape every time. Check out our exclusive tablecloth range and let us know which one are you going to use for your next tablescape project in the comments below!

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