How to Determine the Right Size Tablecloth for Your Table

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When you’re having an event, whether it’s a big formal wedding, or just a small family gathering, to everything in between, you need the right size tablecloths for your tables. The worst feeling is putting the tablecloths on the day of the event to find that they barely fit the table, or hang over way too far. Don’t add any unnecessary stress to the event with a mishap like that! Follow our simple guidelines to how to pick the perfect size tablecloth for your table, whether round or rectangular.

How to Determine the Right Size Tablecloth:

1. Measure your table from end to end on all sides, length and width, in both inches and centimeters.  For a round table, you will just need the diameter of the table. Some vendors will display them in the different measurements, so be sure you have both!

2. Know how many leaves you are using during your event or party so that you have the correct measurements. It is common to place 2 or 3 leaves in your table when having company over, so be sure your measurements are for the table size you will be using the day of the event.

3. Allow 8 to 10 inches from either end to allow for table skirting. For a more formal setting, such as for wedding linens, a longer drop of 12 to 18 inches will give a more luxurious feeling.

4. Once you determine the amount of drop you would like, multiply it by 2 for each side, and add it to the diameter or both length and width of your table. You would use the below equation for both the width and length.

Table Length + (Drop X 2) = Your desired Tablecloth Length

5. If you want your rectangular tables to be covered to the floor, the tablecloth should have rounded corners so there isn’t any extra fabric bunched in the corners.

6. Double check the care instructions for the fabric you are purchasing your tablecloth in, as some materials are easier to care for, while others may shrink in the washer and dryer, causing you to need a tad more length then you imagined.

Now that you know exactly how to determine the perfect size tablecloth, you will never have to get frustrated again when it comes to purchasing the wrong size. Our biggest tip is to double and triple check your measurements or calculations! Also, make sure you try the tablecloths on the event tables days before the event, if there is a problem you will have plenty of time to find a replacement or solution to the problem. Visit for a wide selection of tablecloths, table overlays, chair sashes and much more!

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