Ways to Reuse Old or Ruined Tablecloths

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Tablecloths are a lifesaver; they keep our tables protected from messes or scratches. They also are a great way to add some style and sophistication to any event, perfect for holidays or dinner parties. However, since they do take such a beating, they don’t always last as long as we would like. Some get stains on them that you can’t get out while others get tears or pulls. Either way, a number of tablecloths often end up in the garbage or in the donation pile. Don’t let your old or used tablecloths go to waste. We have some wonderful and creative ways to breathe new life into your old tablecloths.

Tablecloths can easily be reused as picnic cloths outdoors, or kept in your car in case you need to change a tire, even for beach trips to lay all the food out on. Simple uses for tablecloths with a pair of scissors and some thread include cleaning rags, kitchen dishtowels, napkins, place mats, pot holders, even curtains or valances for small windows. If large enough, they can even be used for the backing of a quilt, or just pieces of a quilt. If you start thinking creatively and are more experienced with a needle and thread, you could even make a purse, apron, reusable grocery bags, or even baby bibs.

If you like to craft, you can use your old tablecloths to make small embellishments like flowers, or even use them to cover the front of journals, scrapbooks or photo-albums. You can even take your holiday tablecloths and turn them into a brand new stocking. You can treat tablecloths the same as any piece of fabric you would have around the house to create clothes, house items, decorations and more.

Make the world a greener place by keeping unwanted tablecloths out of the landfills and save yourself money by creating new items out of an old tablecloth. Your imagination is your only boundary when it comes to the many ways to reuse your old tablecloths.

What have you ever made out of an old tablecloth?

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