How To Do A Wedding Sand Ceremony?

Ever since humankind started to evolve and live in societies, many interesting and meaningful rituals have been practiced. Performing such rituals with inherent meanings has cultural and traditional importance and some of them are still in existence. Amongst the modern day rituals, the wedding sand ceremony or the unity sand ceremony is a prominent practice with deep meaning about wedded life and its values. Are you wondering what makes it a special part of the wedding ceremony and how do you do a family sand ceremony? Well, family members such as parents of the bride and groom and even children (if present) can get involved in this ceremony and pour colored sand from different containers into one container with the couple. The containers and the colored unity sand together are called the sand ceremony set. But just like humankind has evolved over the years, so have the rituals, as people of this modern era involve many other creative décor items in their wedding sand ceremony. And, this gives a great opportunity for you to visit Tableclothsfactory, which offers a stunning range of exquisite décor products that can elevate your wedding sand ceremony. On that note, let’s look at some mind blowing ideas that can help you understand more about, how do you do a family sand ceremony?

unity sand ceremony

Add Vibrant And Trendy Items to Elevate the Vibe

The wedding sand ceremony is a thoughtful symbolization of the fact that everyone is unique and has their own qualities but the wedding bond ties all of them together. This truth is visually represented using different containers— mostly glass vases or jars— that form the sand ceremony set. The wedding sand ceremony is performed by using different colored unity sand such as BlueSilver, Green, and Yellow Decorative Sand into a single container such as the Heavy Duty Glass Hanging Vase with Jute Twine Rope or Gold Heptagonal Prism Multipurpose Holder. Each color represents a different quality or an aspect needed for a successful and long lasting wedded life. Blue-colored unity sand stands for patience under tough situations while white sand means loyalty amidst bad and testing times. The green color means prosperity and yellow represents harmony and balance which when combined together helps capture the essence of wedlock. While the hanging glass vases exude chicness and a trendy appeal, if you prefer something subtle yet sublime to display the unity sand, the Heavy Duty Square Cylinder Glass can be a perfect choice. Also, using Scalloped Edge Fabric Jar Covers with Jute String can be a great idea to close the cylinder glass adding a finishing touch to the sand ceremony set.

Enhance the Grandeur with Sublime Décor Items

Glass jars or containers as part of the sand ceremony set can enhance the vibe of the wedding sand ceremony making it look grand and extravagant but using décor items that can differentiate the unity sand holders of the couple from that of their parents is a creative idea. To suit the modern and trendy style of the couple, glass vases such as the Gold Foiled Crackle Glass Bubble Vase or Gold Crackle Hurricane Flower Vase can be used along with Royal Blue Washi Glitter Tape or Green Floral Stem Tape wound around their necks for added oomph and pizzazz. Such modish designs will suit the couple perfectly while decor items boasting a natural flair can be befitting to hold the unity sand of the elders. Use the Tapered Neck Clear Glass Vase or Tear Drop Clear Glass Vase and wrap natural looking Green Preserved Moss Ribbon Roll around their necks for a stunning charm. The clear glass vases with the lush green moss ribbons will look appealing as part of the sand ceremony set while representing the elder’s clear vision about life. And moreover, using natural looking décor items can be a good way of thanking them for everything they have done for their children.

Include Chic Décor Items for Lovely Little Kids

The wedding sand ceremony gets better and jubilant when lovely little kids and children take part in it as it gives the little ones a great opportunity to contribute to their new family as their parents step into wedlock together. But when it comes to handing sand holders to children, it is imperative to give them something that is not just easy for them to handle but also something that looks lovely to enhance the look of the sand ceremony set. Use Gold Glass Ribbed Bud Vase or Clear Glass Vase with Gold Metal Top adorned with chic and charming Violet Amethyst Chiffon Ribbon Roll or Hunter Green Grosgrain Decoration Ribbon for a highly appealing look. Whereas, using Clear Disposable Plastic Test Tubes can be a wonderful idea for your sand ceremony set as they’ll look cute when toddlers and little kids hold them. Holding unity sand in these plastic test tubes is also a safe option as they’ll not break if they are accidentally dropped.


The wedding sand ceremony— a ritual with a deep rooted meaning is the ultimate way to define the wedded life of a couple. But it gets even lovelier and grand when family and children are involved too. Do share your thoughts and ideas as comments about anything and everything you will do to make your unity sand ceremony thoroughly enlivening. 

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