How To Make A Homemade Wedding Arch?

The most significant and photographed part of the wedding ceremony is when the couple exchange vows, make lifelong promises and share the first kiss as newly-weds. There are so many specific details that you are focused on when planning these memorable moments of your life. Choosing from exquisite wedding cards to the most extraordinary venue, from the splendid wooden hexagon wedding arch to the incredible décor-everything holds a great significance to make your wedding an unforgettable occasion. Among all the other details that you are enthralled about the arrangements, the hexagon wedding arch of course is the most vibrant element of the ceremony. This is where you make a lifetime commitment, say your vows, and start your together-forever journey. Hexagon wedding arch, the most trending and demanding these days is surely a brilliant idea to create a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop as the most mesmerizing moments are captured underneath these stylish geometric arches which are treasured for long. If you are opting to construct your DIY hexagon wedding arch to add your particular style and personal touch but are confused as to how do I make a homemade wedding arch then worry not; we have got you covered with some amazing and doable ideas for your custom-made hexagon wedding arch which will add an oomph factor to your wedding ambiance by creating an impressive structure which will be one of its kind.

 hexagon wedding arch

Construction Plan to Create Appealing Hexagon Wedding Arch

Once you have decided that you want to go for a fabulous DIY hexagon wedding arch for your wedding ceremony, it’s time to find out simple and interesting ways to do it. Just thinking of creating a geometrical design seems like a tough task, however, all you need is basic mathematical skills with a blend of ingenuity and some power tools and you will be able to create a stunning hexagon wedding arch that will surely speak for itself. Gather your materials like wooden planks, measured and cut with the pre-decided dimensions, screws, circular saw, and a smooth surface to work on. An ideal hexagon wedding arch measures 6.11” in height and 8” in width. Make sure the angles you cut must be a mirror image of each other. Assemble the intricately cut pieces with the right size screws. Not to forget that this frame will need a sturdy and strong base for better support. The next step is to paint or polish your masterpiece for a complete and finished look. Now the fun part of decorating the arch begins. In case you are  running short of time and want to skip the construction procedure then simply order a classy and elegant ready-made metal hexagon wedding arch  from our online store and follow the wedding arch decoration ideas with some alluring decorative essentials to save your time and energy.

Beautify Your Arch With Blooms And Greenery:

Once you are done with constructing and assembling your very own hexagon wedding arch, decorate it with artificial flowers and greenery to add beauty to your rustic piece of art. You don’t have to cover the entire frame with blooms in abundance, let the exposed wood serves as an aesthetically designed work of art. Beautify your hexagon wedding arch with faux florals to enhance the enticing look of your personalized arch. Choose from a diversified range of lifelike wedding arch flowers for a phenomenal and romantic look. You can adorn the arch with lavender daisies, pretty pink lilies, burgundy rose garlands or maple fall leaves hanging vines whatever suits and complements your overall décor theme. To create dreamy vibes and enchanting appeal, keep few LED flameless candles and rustic lanterns on each side of the arch and let the flame continues to toss vivacity just like your love. For an outdoor garden-inspired wedding theme, the choice is endless with floral garlands like royal blue rose garlands, cherry blooms silk flower garlands with ivory silk leaf garlands which portray beauty, love, peace, and passion.

Create Magic with Drapes

Fabrics draped on the wedding arch add a regal and majestic feel to your overall décor.  The addition of a flowy fabric is a beautiful way to enhance your wedding theme colors. The drapery you choose to create a stunning wedding arch also makes an impact. Explore our wide range of thin, sheer, and silky organza wedding drapes which create light dreamy layers covering your hexagon wedding arch most elegantly and stylishly. Add volume to your personalized hexagon wedding arch by choosing from the variety of colors and designs from our tulle fabric bolts. This rich and plush fabric holds its shape perfectly when flows along the sides and bunches in sections. For a more solid and flowy appeal, checkout our chiffon bolts and you will certainly fall in love with their soft texture and elegant color scheme.


An exquisite hexagon wedding arch is a trend these days that is simple to create and fun to decorate at home just by following these easy and interesting steps. Do explore our online store for exceptional decorating accessories while you create the most sensational wedding arch for your special day. Do share in the comment section below how your homemade hexagon wedding arch rolled out.


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