How to Layer Your Table Linens for a One-of-a-Kind Look

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We always remember our parents telling us to layer up in the winter to stay warm, and it’s been a big trend in fashion with many different layers of clothing added for style, not function. But did you realize that you can also layer the table linens at your next event for a one-of-a-kind look. Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower or kid’s birthday party, having multiple layers of table linens can give dimension and unique style to the tables at your event.

For a wedding, it’s all about staying classy and tasteful without going overboard. It’s the perfect opportunity to use colorful wedding table overlays and runners to add touches of your wedding colors in the linens while also adding texture. For a kid’s party, you can use bold and bright colored tablecloths, overlays, and runners to make the tables pop! Fun and colorful tables are the perfect decor for a fun children’s birthday party. As for a baby shower, keep things calm with light pastel colors, but varying textures that will make the tablecloths stand out, even when they are covered with food and favors.

Layering isn’t just for your clothes anymore; it’s a great way to add color and texture to your next event. At, we offer a wide variety of products, colors and fabrics to choose from. The best part is that you will find all these items at affordable prices, meaning you can still afford to layer your event table linens and still stay within your budget constraints.

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