Popular and Unique Wedding Color Combinations

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It’s been of year of colors when it comes to wedding trends, everything from bright and bold to soft and sophisticated. We have seen a whole palette of colors used in this year’s wedding season. Planning your own wedding is hard enough and finding that perfect color combination can be the worst. We’re to help you find color combinations that you will love for your wedding, for everything from bridesmaid’s dresses to wedding linens and more.

Bold Combos:
Fuchsia and Turquoise
Purple and Orange
Turquoise and Yellow
Red and Light Blue

Classy Combos:
Champagne and light Pink
Brown and Gold
Black and Silver
Silver and Pink or Lavender

Modern Combos:
Purple and Blue
Orange, Red and Brown
Green and Pink
Navy, Orange and Khaki

These are just some of the many color combinations we have seen at many wedding and even other events this past year. If you’re planning your wedding in the next year, take some hints to use some pops of color throughout your wedding, whether it’s centerpieces, wedding table overlays or in the favors. Have fun with your colors, and don’t be afraid to use bright bold colors. Let your personality shine with the right color combination for your wedding decor.

What colors are you planning for your upcoming wedding?

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