How To Make Christmas Garland Look Fuller?

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December is finally here! So, are you ready to welcome the New Year and celebrate Christmas with all its extravagance? Well, who is not! Christmas is that beautiful time of the year when we make lovely memories with friends and families. The most exciting part of this time is creating Christmas decorations to give a festive look to our humble abodes and revel in the holiday spirit. With everyone having their way of making beautiful Christmas decorations, there are some basic Christmas decorations that are associated with Christmas like forever and thus are a must-have part of every home. Christmas garland is one of the essential Christmas decorations which give your fireplace mantel, staircase, front porch, Christmas tree, entryway, or any other spot in the house that perfect traditional holiday look. There are plentiful ways of decorating your space with these charming Christmas garlands, some like to see these beauties in a lighter tone while others try to look for a fuller one. For those who like a heavier looking Christmas garland, we are sharing some simple tips and tricks on how do you make Christmas garland look fuller. Read along and explore!

Christmas decorations

Wreaths & Christmas Garland

No holiday is complete without a festive Christmas wreath hanging by the front door, entryway, or indoors. These beautiful Christmas decorations are the first glimpse a guest gets of the style of Christmas décor at your home. Creating a diy Christmas wreath with garland is a delightful experience and if you will choose from our collection of life-like garlands & wreath frames it will double the joy. For a thicker-looking Christmas wreath, choose our metal hoop wreaths, eucalyptus boxwood leaves green garland, ivy green leaves garland, or willow & frond leaves garland. Add seasonal trimmings along with your favorite Christmas decorations and let these lush and green Christmas garlands give your Christmas wreath a perfect Christmassy feel.

Christmas Garland For Mantel Decor

A beautifully decorated fireplace mantel serves as a focal point for your indoor Christmas decorations. Fireplace mantel is the perfect place where you can exhibit your style statement, so while setting up your Christmas decorations in this part make sure to add a lush green Christmas garland. Hanging down from the mantel majestically, a Christmas garland will definitely spruce up your Christmas decorations. In order to set a thicker Christmas garland for your fireplace, pick our eucalyptus boxwood leaves green garland, willow frosted green leaves garland, willow frond leaves green garland, eucalyptus leaves garland with white cotton balls, & poplar leaves garland. Add fairy lights, mirror balls, candles, lanterns, pearl spray, wreaths, & Christmas figurines to these lush faux foliage and impart opulence to your fireplace mantel decor.

Garland On A Christmas Tree

No Christmas decoration is complete without having a festive Christmas tree; it symbolizes Christmas and adds an extra dazzling, glittery, and Christmassy feel in the entire ambiance. Ornamenting a natural Christmas tree with Christmas decorations is a little difficult, but making your fake Christmas tree look thicker and greener exactly like the real one is possible. Christmas garland are those beautiful Christmas decorations that will instantly give your Christmas tree that fuller upshot. To decorate your Christmas tree with garlands start from the bottom back of your Christmas tree and wrap around by slightly going up as you go around. Pick our olive branch garland, willow & frond leaves garland, eucalyptus garland, & led green leaf garland and wrap them around the branches. Christmas trees look amazing when are overloaded with Christmas decorations, so add star crystal garland, tinsels, ribbon sequential lights, pinecones, ribbons, jingle bells, wine corks, seashells, moss balls, paper garland, or any of your favorite Christmas ornaments and give your Christmas tree a magnificent allure.

Christmas Garland For Staircase

Let your indoors be an emblem of fun and festivity by decorating the living room staircase with majestic Christmas decorations and ooze festive vibes all around. Christmas garlands are those beautiful Christmas decorations that will instantly enhance your staircase décor, so whether you choose to wrap them around the handrail or swag in a long or shallow style, the charm of these beautiful Christmas decorations will cast a Christmassy magic upon your visitors. Adorn your banister with our ivy green leaves garland, fake ferns, cloverleaf garland, or willow green leaves, and infuse fairy lights, Christmas balls, Christmas bells, pinecones, ribbons, gold leaf garland, & kissing balls to enhance their majestic appeal. Build up layers of green leaves Christmas garland if you want to attain that fuller look and beautify your staircase with these swoon-worthy indoor Christmas decorations


Christmas garland is an ideal Christmas decoration for effortless holiday elegance, so this Christmas, create some beautiful Christmas decorations with these lush green beauties and ooze festive elegance all around. We hope that our ideas of making Christmas garland look fuller were helpful enough to let you create some beautiful Christmas decorations. Do, share with us how you give your Christmas garlands a heavier look. Looking forward to your interesting comments in the box below!


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