How To Attach Tulle To a Wedding Arch?

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A wedding arch gives a wonderful opportunity to display stunning décor statements with creativity and artistic touch during events and occasions. Especially a decorated triangle wedding arch backdrop creates the opportunity for some brilliant photos to grace the walls and photo books later. And the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind about how to impart a rich, grand and royal décor treatment to a wedding arch is the tulle fabric. The tulle fabric makes the triangle wedding arch look chic and stunning. But how do you attach tulle to a wedding arch? Luckily, you will find the answer to this question along with many more wondrous décor accessories to attach tulle fabric to the wedding arch at So now, let’s look at some attractive décor items and amazing ideas about tulle décor wrapped around a triangle arch.

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Usage of backdrop Clamps

A backdrop clamp is the best and an efficient accessory that helps you hold the tulle fabric in place over the triangle wedding arch. Be it completely covering the triangle wedding backdrop with the tulle fabric or making a spiral design across the arch, the Heavy Duty Photography Backdrop Nylon Clamps or the White Pew Clips are greatly helpful. Apart from holding the fabric in place, they also stay hidden because of their small size which elevates your triangle arch decor to a whole new level of grandeur.

The Scintillating Appeal of Satin Ribbon Bows

The gorgeous netted look is what makes the tulle fabric a popular choice for wedding decor. Adding another chic fabric on top of it not only holds the tulle in place over the triangle wedding arch but also adds a glorious textural appeal to the arch decor. The charming satin ribbons help in achieving that look by holding the tulle fabric in place and also grasp everyone’s attention. Use our Navy Blue Organza Ribbon with Satin Edges, Gold Wired Edge Organza Ribbon or Blush Rose Gold Organza Ribbon with Satin Edge to gracefully tie the tulle fabric around the triangle wedding arch forming bows to secure the ends of the ribbons . The lovely contrast of colors and the gorgeous combination of tulle and satin will impart a chic and imperial allure to your event decorations.

The Crafty Touch of Decorative Tapes

Another décor item that helps to hold the tulle fabric across the triangle wedding arch and also looks crafty is the decorative tape. The Gold Washi Glitter Craft Decorative Tape with its glittery sheen and the Real Turkey Feather Fringe Trims with Satin Ribbon Tape with its extravagance will garner everybody’s attention adding tremendous visual appeal to the triangle wedding backdrop. Being easy to use and also gelling well with the tulle fabric décor is another noteworthy feature of these decorative tapes.


A triangle wedding arch looks marvelous with the tulle fabric wrapped around it but imparting these accessories along with it makes the arch look ethereal. We would be glad to read your thoughts as comments below about how else can the triangle wedding backdrop be adorned using tulle décor accessories.

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