How To Remember A Loved One At A Wedding?

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A wedding is no doubt a special day that calls for joyous celebrations, however, spending it without someone who has played an important role in shaping the person you’ve become is never easy. But there is no reason why you can’t pay a heartfelt tribute to your late loved ones at your wedding. So, if you’re planning your big day and have lost someone dear to you recently or you’re trying to fill the void left by a beloved family member, honor them in the most thoughtful of ways to include them in your celebrations. Wondering how to remember a loved one at a wedding? Though there are many ways to add a sense of their presence, reserving a special spot for a memory table at wedding reception or ceremony is one of the classic and timeless ways to showcase your eternal love for them. Sounds perfect? Keep on reading and find inspiring memory table setting ideas to commemorate your loved ones on your wedding day.

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Distinctive Memorial Table Setup

Although you can use one of your reception tables as a memory table and bedeck it with a contrasting tablecloth or table runner to make it stand out, decorating a unique table will elevate your memorial table display and add a touch of flair to your wedding design. Set up a vintage wood & metal tripod table as your memory wedding table or creatively stack assorted wooden crates to create an appealing memorial table setup that is bound to draw your guests’ attention.

Meaningful Candle Decorations For Memory Table

Placing and lighting a candle on your memory table at wedding is a great way to symbolize the presence of your loved ones in heaven. Bedeck a long-lasting drip less pillar candle with rhinestones, ribbons, decorative diamond letter stickers, flower heads or memorable motifs and place it on top of a mirror or clear acrylic pedestal box riser featuring a heartfelt inscription to put a personalized spin on your remembrance candle decor.

Sweet Wedding Memory Table Sign

Put your feelings into words and display a loving memory sign front and center to pay your tribute. Set up a metal easel stand beside your table and etch a heart-touching ode or write beautiful sayings on plaques, mirrors, wood slices, acrylic plexiglass sheets, hexagon sign holders, or an LED lightbox to showcase your love for the missing ones.

Creative Memory Table Photo Display

Displaying a selection of photographs on the memory table featuring loved ones who couldn’t join you in person is a wonderful way to remember them throughout the day. Instead of simply plopping a bunch of framed photos over the table, look for creative memory table photo display ideas to highlight your captured memories. Clip your photographs to fairy string lights or lighted floral vines and hang them over your table using a table rod stand for a striking memory table photo display. Moreover, you can also arrange a variety of frames in different sizes and designs to bring depth and dimension to your memorial table decorations.

Lovely Flower Arrangements For Memory Wedding Table

A gorgeous floral arrangement is the perfect decor idea for a memory table at wedding as it works well with your wedding design. Feature your loved one’s favorite flowers or opt for varieties that signify remembrance such as silk carnations, faux roses, artificial hydrangeas, silk gardenias, gladiolus flower sprays, or lilies to commemorate the dearly departed.

Whether you’re going for a subtle wedding remembrance or you want to feel the spiritual presence of your loved ones in heaven throughout your wedding day, these memory table decor ideas will help you honor their memory in the utmost respectful way possible. Do you have more ideas on how to set up a memorial table? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

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