How To Use Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations?

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The ethereal beauty of floral accents entices nature lovers to explore magnificent combinations of colors and textures for a stunning transformation of their wedding venue into an aura of luxury. If you’re a bride who wants to create a dreamy wedding ambiance effortlessly with colorful bursts of blooms using a stunning color palette, sunflowers are the ultimate highlights you should be aiming for. Whether you want to create a cheery sunflower backdrop for exchanging your wedding vows or a pretty floral arrangement to enhance the table aesthetics, you should first figure out what colors go with sunflowers for a wedding? We’ve rounded up some inspiring sunflower backdrop ideas with amazing color palettes that will help you add an ethereal ambiance to your wedding setup.


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Intensify Your Wedding Ambiance With Bold & Bright Colors

Coordinate the colors as you go about filling up the space with luxurious flowers and greenery to create a fanciful decorative look. If you’re one of those bold brides who’d like to curate a tasteful palette by pairing bright yellows with red, rust, and orange accents, let the sunflowers take the lead as a big-bloom statement to impart cheerful vibes all around your party space. Install artificial boxwood hedge green panels using an adjustable backdrop stand and tuck in sunflower heads, red roses, and blush baby breaths creating a charming sunflower backdrop for wedding. Also, arrange 4 tiered white hoop pillar flower stands alongside the sunflower wedding backdrop and embellish them with bright-colored roses, pampas, and greenery to elevate the charming appeal.  


Harmonize Your Décor With Pastel Shades

Sunflowers are a beautiful addition to augment your floral décor tenfold. All you need is a perfect juxtaposition of bright hues with pastel colors to enhance the visual appeal. Opt for vibrant yellow sunflower stems and a subtle hued mix flower box with roses, silk peonies, baby breaths, daisies, and eucalyptus stems to create aesthetically appealing accents for your dreamy wedding setup. Moreover, burlap drapes are another décor element that can add a dose of unexpected cheer to your exquisite color scheme.


Create a Chic Rustic Wedding Setup With Neutral Colors

When it comes to wedding decorations, you have endless options to combine different colors and make an impressive statement. Get inspired with whatever you have in your natural surroundings and evoke a charming rustic vibe by adding thoughtful touches to your sunflower backdrop. Install a vintage wood vinyl backdrop on a stand and drape sunflower garland vines just the way you want to entice your elite guests with the stunning appeal. For the table decorations, you can fill trumpet glass vases with tall silk sunflower stems and place them atop burlap runners for a perfect rustic appeal. Also, surround your beautiful centerpieces with green succulents and pine cones to achieve a perfect balance of bright and muted hues. 


Add A Dramatic Touch With Jewel-Toned Accents

A brilliant color scheme helps drive all the décor elements together for a cohesive look. While it is easier to create a truly elegant aura by embellishing your wedding venue solely with sunflower blooms, it is even simpler to mix a few jewel-toned florals to balance out the brightness. No one will ever forget the enchanting appeal of your wedding backdrop decoration if you mix just the right amount of colors needed for a dreamy and delightful wedding ambiance. You can stack whitewashed wooden crates for the wedding backdrop decoration or arrange them at the starting point of your aisle way with fuchsia wisteria vines, burgundy chrysanthemums, pretty pink roses, tall stem sunflowers, and green sprays exuding a fanciful appeal. Furthermore, you can arrange decorative lanterns and natural flameless candles alongside the floral accents to add a dash of contemporary elegance to your wedding ceremony setup. 


Opt for a color palette that imparts a picturesque appeal to your big day and satisfies all your senses to feel the magic all around you. Would you love to stand amidst a sunflower field backdrop or create a DIY sunflower backdrop for a personalized wedding setup? Let us know in the comments section below!



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