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Add a natural green touch and element of freshness to your space with our amazing Artificial Moss Roll or preserved mood moss decoration Supplies. All our Preserved Moss Sheets items are crafted from real natural moss that is chemically preserved and re purposed for decorative purposes and artistic mediums. Our Decorative Moss For Planters requiring no maintenance, these green accents will add timeless serene sophistication to any event and party. Moreover with wire frame and plastic inner lining, you can use these Decorative Moss For Planters to hold small plants, succulents, herbs, and shrubs.

Our faux boxwood wall are intricately handcrafted with brilliant finishing, small and detailed green leaves impart a dense and naturally opaque look, these boxwood panel are perfect for where complete concealment is required. Create wall coverings, magical backdrops, photo backgrounds, fence accents, lush passage way or paths, or even vertical gardens with our life-like faux foliage panels. These realistic looking artificial greenery panels feature lifelike boxwood leaves on sturdy plastic netting that is bendable, can be trimmed, and can easily be attached to most structures.

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