How To Use Unity Candles After The Wedding?

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Wedding is about the union of two souls deciding to be together for the rest of their lives. The perfect reason to validate your love and commitment to each other for all the beautiful years yet to come, wedding celebration has to be very special and close to your heart as it is the two of you making life time promises of love, commitment and togetherness. Undoubtedly the grandeur and glory of the candles in wedding ceremony cannot be denied. Candles wipe out darkness and show how love can brighten your life in the most beautiful way. Candles weigh more significant than just an embellishment but they have some traditional and ritual meanings too. Wedding Unity candle ceremony is one of the most intimate and beautiful ways to represent the joining of two souls yet keeping and respecting each other’s individuality. Once your special day celebrations come to an end, you are left with warm and wonderful memories. With so much to be treasured from your big day, if you are wondering what do you do with unity candle after the wedding, then keep discovering some of the creative ways to save your wedding candles and keep the flames of love burning for all the years to come.   

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Your wedding is a special day to celebrate love and togetherness. One of the most classic ways to capture its sentimental value is by candle lightening ceremony. Just before the lifetime promises are made by the couple, the two taper candles are lit to symbolize the union of two families of the couple. The bride and the groom then use these flickering candles to light the center pillar candle. The three candles remain lit which signify the creation of a harmonized family and the commitment of the couple to each other for a lasting and loving marriage. As wedding is all about intimacy and making life long memories, you would definitely wish to save these bundles of lights to be cherished later as reminder of how you both chose each other as soul mates. Read on to find out innovative inspirations that will help you make your wedding memories last a lifetime by simply doing wonders with your unity candle after your big day ends.


Home them in Holders!

If you’re in a mood to liven up your space by evoking unforgettable memories and sweet scents, what else could be better than placing your wedding unity candles in candle holders that perfectly fit them? Spruce up your home décor and turn your simple unity candles into a stunning treat to the eyes by selecting candle holders like chic Cinderella Carriage Crystal candle holder, Bubble Glass Vase, or gorgeous Gold Floral Lace candle holder. These candle containers will not only effortlessly glam up your space but will also secure sweet moments from your unity candle ceremony that you can cherish for the years to come.


Artistic Display!

Relive and renew your relationship by bringing in sweet memories from your big day to keep your bond as new as ever. Pick on styling a corner in your bedroom to display your wedding unity candle with your own creativity. Use round or square table with matching table cover to keep these beautiful reminders of love and unity. Add some gorgeous and versatile clear reversible clarinet glass trumpet vase with silver palm leaves to compliment your ivory wedding unity candles. Mount the best click of the day to add intimate vibes to your adorable corner. This simple yet gorgeous display will help you reminisce your favorite moments with your partner and make you smile every time you have a look at it.

Save to treasure forever!

At times your wedding day turns out to be one of busiest days of your life and passes on too soon. Recollect the best moments from the big day by saving the best keepsakes and cherish them for years to come. Use our special silver mirrored memory box, where you can easily preserve your wedding unity candles along with some other various treasures you can hold on to so that you can lock your wedding memories forever. Don’t forget to light up your wedding unity candles as a token of your love on your wedding anniversary every year.


From placing your wedding unity candles in holders to using them as a decorative element or safekeeping them for special occasions, use these marvelous ways to remember your wedding day as the years roll on by. Share your innovative ideas and amazing experiences with us in the comments section below.


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