What Flowers Are Best For A Fall Wedding?

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With the weather getting cooler and nature taking a dip into autumnal hues, hosting a wedding in the majestic fall season is one of the best decisions you can make while planning your nuptials. From the brisk air, epic foliage and rustic decor accents, to the dramatic color palette and gorgeous blooms, everything about this season screams festivity! There are plenty of seasonal accents you can include in your wedding decor to add that lovely seasonal touch but when it comes to picking flowers for your fall wedding decorations, things might become a little confusing. Although fall is a wonderful time for flowers, choosing the rights ones can make or break your event design. So, if you’ve fully leaned into the season with the perfect autumnal wedding color palette but are still wondering what are the best flowers for a fall wedding, don’t worry, we’ve got that covered for you! Just keep on reading and find which flower varieties work best for fall wedding floral decorations.

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Bold Dahlias

If the fall season had a signature bloom, it would definitely be the dahlia. These large fluffy shaped blooms blossom between late summer and early fall and are the perfect flowers to make a statement with your wedding floral design. Dahlias come in a variety of tones, from soft blush and ivory to bright yellow and orange to deep red and moody burgundy. For a simple yet striking floral centerpiece for your fall wedding table decorations, bedeck a gold pedestal bowl with a mix of vibrant orange, burgundy, yellow, and ivory-colored artificial dahlias to dramatically up the visual aesthetics.

Enchanting Roses                                                     

The all-time favorite blooms for weddings—roses are synonymous with romantic decorations and are available in a myriad of colors all year long. But using a variety of roses in autumnal shades can inject that lovely seasonal touch into your fall wedding decorations while invoking a romantic flair. Bunch up red, gold, burgundy, champagne and orange-colored silk roses and tie them with burlap ribbons to curate gorgeous fall wedding bouquets. Whereas use burgundy rose flower wall backdrop panels to enhance your fall wedding ceremony backdrop decor.

Whimsical Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum is another common wedding flower that is naturally in bloom during the fall season. With their long statement petals and fuller appearance, mums add a whimsical appeal to the wedding floral arrangements. Adorn a wooden wedding arch stand with a combination of giant chrysanthemums, mini mum sprays, and pampas grass or feathers for a boho-chic fall wedding theme or add pine cones to the arrangement for a more rustic feel.

Cheery Sunflowers

If you’re planning a wedding in early fall, using sunflowers in your wedding floral design is a great way to seamlessly bridge the transition between the seasons. Include a single bright yellow silk sunflower stem in your bridal bouquet as a statement flower or hang sunflower pomander balls from the ceiling or backdrop arch for a stunning wedding decor.

Structural Orchids And Calla Lilies

Known for their magnificence and structural beauty, both orchids and calla lilies are popular fall wedding flowers. They come in a variety of colors to match any wedding theme or palette. From traditional white and cream to rich eggplant and wine shades, orchids and calla lilies are great choices to add depth and dimension to your fall wedding decorations. Embellish the groom and groomsmen suits with boutonnieres featuring exotic orchid bloom heads or mini calla lily flower stems with faux succulents or stick out tall white foxglove orchid stems or calla lily stems from your jewel-toned floral arrangement for a striking contrast!

The key to making your arrangement feel seasonal without going overboard is to pick in-season flowers or choose blooms in shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple or you can also pepper in an array of natural textures to highlight all the best elements of fall. Browse through our amazing collection of wedding silk flowers to create a glorious floral arrangement that fits the bill for a fall wedding. How are you going to infuse a seasonal flair into your fall wedding decorations? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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