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Sweet 16 is no doubt a pretty special birthday for every girl, after all, it’s a major milestone. Turning 16 surely comes with some sweet perks and there is no going around the fact that it needs to be celebrated with all the glitz and glam to truly make it a memorable one. If you’ve been searching for a fancy theme to turn your sweet 16 soiree into an extravagant affair, a princess party theme is exactly what you need to imbue grandeur and elegance into your grand celebration. Whether you are thinking of throwing a lavish indoor party or you are leaning towards an outdoor setup in your backyard, or any other venue to treat the birthday girl like the princess she is, chances are that your princess party set up won’t be complete without a stunning dessert station. To gracefully accentuate your princess party decorations to a whole new level that is fit for royalty, we have put together a fairytale themed dessert table featuring all the hallmarks of a true girly princess party which oozes imperial whimsical charm all around. In this blog, you’ll find all the tips and tricks to effortlessly set up a magnificent buffet table to elevate your theme party decor up by several notches!


When it comes to princess themed party decorations, the words “grace” and “perfection” are what comes to mind. So we decided to get things moving by giving a striking new look to the plain and texture-less wall behind the dessert table. With the luxurious table set up we had in mind, it was only fitting that we used a neutral backdrop that would highlight the lavish decorations in front. Thus, instead of draping some posh backdrop curtains, we opted to cover the entire wall with our white textured brick foam tiles that instantly ushered in a refined and stylish flair. With the convenient self-adhesive backing, the foam tile panels were super quick and extremely easy to install. However, if you want to stay true to the pretty in pink princess theme, you can always choose to glam things up with our blush pink foam wall tiles. Because our 3D wall foam tiles can easily be cut into any desired shape and size with simply a pair of scissors, you can also combine different colors and create one of a kind backdrop wall pattern for a striking visual impact.

princess birthday party

As soon as you are done with applying the tiles to your entire wall, it’s time to move on to the enchanting backdrop decorations that will accentuate the festive charm. While narrowing down the suitable decor accents from the eclectic mix of backdrop wall accessories available on our online store can be quite a challenge, you can always bet on the ideal combo of paper pinwheels and party balloons. Thus, we decided to creatively arrange our lovely pink paper pinwheels in varying sizes and used rose gold Mylar number balloons to signify the sixteen in sweet 16. The paper pinwheels worked like a charm as they are one of those versatile decorative accessories that can be used to elevate both casual and posh setups whereas the shiny Mylar balloons added a sleek and lustrous appeal to the royal themed princess party backdrop.

princess birthday party


Given that pink and gold hues reign in a princess theme party, we couldn’t dare to go off track. So we decided to luxuriously swathe our table in a gold sequin table linen because in our opinion nothing is more dazzling than an abundance of shimmering sequins that shine like gold. Moreover, since frilly accents are the paradigm of the enchanting fairytale decorations, we have further embellished our dessert table with a stunning rose gold curly willow table skirt elevating the dreamy allure of our tablescape.

princess birthday party

Tabletop Decorations

Next on the royal agenda was the intimidating question of how to decorate a princess party table, which we tackled with various sumptuous gold accents, delightful florals, and a lot of crystal diamonds (since they are girls’ forever best friend). But to spotlight and cohesively arrange such ostentatious and loud accents all on one table without making it look gaudy would have been pretty enervating if we didn’t have the facility of picking the perfect ones from the huge selection of tabletop decorations featured on our online store. To be honest, we had been impatiently waiting for this very moment to use our gold Cinderella pumpkin carriage ever since it arrived in our warehouse. The sturdy metal structure of the decorative princess carriage combined with the lustrous metallic gold finish is the perfect vessel to hold just about anything. Thus, we chose to bedeck it with some gorgeous blush-hued silk blooms to further enhance its spectacular opulence. However, this ethereal display of flowers couldn’t satisfy our obsession with plush flower arrangements, so we used an ornate gold crystal beaded vase with intricate floral design and rows of sparkling crystal diamonds to flaunt our beautiful artificial blush chrysanthemums and rose gold silk peonies for a whimsical floral touch. You can also use fresh flowers instead to adorn your princess themed dessert table, but we recommend you follow our example and use our lifelike silk flowers that won’t ever wilt away.

princess birthday party

Regardless of the theme, any birthday party decoration is surely incomplete without a balloon galore. So we decided to showcase a few of them on our dessert station as well for a joyous flair. Using our clear balloon stick stand kit we arranged balloons in pink, gold, and white hues on the rear corner of the table that surely accentuated the table aesthetics.

princess birthday party

Cake Centerpiece

Since we wanted the birthday cake to be the center of attraction on our dessert table, we couldn’t look past our stunningly bejeweled gold cake stand with diamond chains hanging all around it to gloriously display the cake. When paired with all the other tabletop decorations, the exquisite cake stand evoked grandeur and magnificence like we had never seen before! To top it off, we used a castle cake topper figurine and further embellished it with some blush artificial blooms to take the cake centerpiece decor to a whole new level of fairy tale inspired whimsy.

princess birthday party


As far as dinnerware was concerned, in order to make cleanup after the party much easier, we chose to use our premium disposable flatware. The chic scalloped edged metallic gold cardboard cupcake stand perfectly accompanied the ornate cake stand and was not only extremely convenient to handle and a much cheaper option but it also added a classy touch to the dessert display. To stylishly present the scrumptious assortment of sweet treats on our dessert buffet table we also ended up using gold decorative trays, beaded chargers, and clear apothecary jars. Moreover, we placed our disposable clear plates, rose gold cutlery, and pink paper napkins along with our sleek gold stem flutes on one end of the table to accommodate the guests with individual flatware.

princess birthday party

Elegant, yet opulent details made this sweet 16 princess party dessert station truly fit for royalty. Don’t you agree! With the vast range of princess themed party supplies available on, we’re sure you’ll have a blast decorating for your upcoming birthday bash. So what are your thoughts about this princess party dessert table setup? Let us know in the comments section below!

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