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When it comes to table décor, our creative Tabletop Décor ideas for home decoration and events are always a hit. Mix and match items from our trendy and chic collection of premium quality Tabletop décor to transform a boring and tedious space into a contemporary and modern one. Our widespread collection has an array of products to cater to your aesthetic sense so that your visitors will never cease to admire your creative imagination.

Planning to invite friends or loved ones to an intimate dinner? Our tabletop décor accessories will create a mesmerizing appeal with a dramatic setup when scattered over a tabletop. Décor is all about the minimalistic details. Our chic, notable placecard holders available in a variety of designs, can complement any table. From rustic chic to classy elegance, our trays and risers, and dining centerpieces will meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether you wish to decorate the baby showers, wedding venues, festive occasions, or any indoor or outdoor celebration, these accent table decor will crown the event with splendor. No wedding or celebration is complete without glamour and glitter. The mesmerizing allure of our Handcrafted acrylic crystal stands with floral stand centerpiece, cake stands, and gift favor bags create a romantic, stunning display for weddings, banquets, and celebrations. Our favor boxes are curated with love and take traditional keepsakes and gifts to a new level of style and sophistication.

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Whether you’re buying birthday decoration supplies or you want to host a family gathering, baby shower, wedding, anniversary, or a themed event; visit our entire collection of table decorations to add a personal touch to your table decoration ideas. We have everything you need to decorate in style. Be it a professional florist, DIY Bride, or Event Manager, our tabletop décor collection never fails to amaze anyone. Mix and match our pieces to create a diverse spread for your cocktail parties. Don’thesitate to stop by to shop from the entire range of options.




1. How to decorate a dining table for everyday ?

Ans: The dining room table is considered the heart of every home because, in addition to the daily family meals, this is where casual dinners and gatherings often take place. That's why it can sometimes be a challenge to decorate this spot, as you want it to look cozy and pleasant, but not too stylish so that it doesn't interrupt the flow of your daily activities. 

Below are some functional and stylish ideas to help you with your dining room table makeover for everyday use.

  • Trays are a must when it comes to dining table top decors. Not only does a decorative tray instantly elevate the look of your table when not in use, but it is also easy to move to one side when it's time to eat. Display a beautiful bouquet in a vase along with a metal tabletop decor for ambiance and some coasters to complete the look.
  • Aside from the essentials like tablecloths and other table linens, the right tableware can also help create a great table setting. Accessorize your long table centerpieces with complementing table placemats, charger plates, and napkin rings for added dimension, texture, and instant luxe. 
  • Simple is best if you don’t have much surface area to play with. Go with a centered look with eye-catching table centerpieces for home. This can be a stand-alone or decorated vase, a candle holder, or a pedestal bowl with fresh fruits.

2. Do you need placemats if you have a tablecloth ?

Ans: Most people think that a tablecloth and table mats, when used together, are overkill, but there is no standard rule or table etiquette that states both can’t be used to dress a dining table for a humble meal. In fact, you will be amazed how a table can look beautiful with a tablecloth and hard placemats when it’s done right. 

If you have a long table top and you want your space to look more refined, you can use dining table placemats in conjunction with the tablecloth, just make sure there is enough room between the placemats visually and elbow room for the people who will be dining at the table. Texture, color, and proportion are also factors to consider in choosing your place mats and tablecloth. Leaving both dining room table accessories along with the rest of the dinnerware at all times will have it ready to enchant unexpected visitors.

For smaller settings or for tables that have beautiful details, flaunt it by opting for dining table placemats. Using a tablecloth will only hide the natural beauty of the table and make it look plain and unappealing. Also, for round tables, it is important to select the correct size of table placemats to avoid overlapping.

3. How to decorate a tray for a coffee table ?

Ans: Simply placing tables in the living room is not enough to complete its overall look. It should have as much style and presence as any room or decor in your home. But people often have a hard time deciding on coffee table top decors to choose from because it takes a little practice and the right accessories to do so.

If you're having a hard time figuring out tabletop decor ideas to put on your coffee table, here are some tips on how to style it perfectly with decorative serving trays like a pro.

  • Instead of leaving a bunch of your stuff on the table, put them in functional table trays and make them look organized and purposeful.
  • Fill a round table tray decor with decorative items such as books, small plants, and photo frames. These tabletop home decor should at least complement each other through color, style, or shape.
  • Add some elements of height to your living room table centerpiece by placing flowers in a vase. By doing so, give it a bit of life and give it the necessary height it needs. 
  • On a centerpiece tray, place adorable little items like your favorite collectibles, as well as cute vintage tabletop decorative items to add depth and character to your table.

4. Where to buy table centerpieces  ?

Ans: You don’t need holidays and special occasions as an excuse to jazz up your tables.  So if you are looking for great table centerpiece decors that will work for different seasons, TableclothsFactory can help. Choose between our trendy candleholders, elegant chandelier sets, or unique table decor vases that are good as stand-alone table decorations for home or filled with items of your choice. 

We also offer gorgeous home decor centerpieces ranging from rustic table centerpieces to modern tabletop decor ideas. Whatever focal point you decide to go for, these table decorations are sure to harness your creativity to make a centerpiece destined to turn heads and leave a striking impression.

5. Where to buy display stands ?

Ans: If you are looking to give your favorite centerpieces a great focus and enhancement, TableclothsFactory’s premium dining table tray decor and display stands will highlight the staggering beauty of your center table decor and charming ornaments.

Instead of wasting time looking for inexpensively made pedestal risers that cannot remain in a stable position and may fall at any time, opt for our high-quality acrylic table top tray that is durable yet look stylish. Use these table display stands to flaunt your dazzling jewelry, elegant displays, gold table decor, and picturesque succulent arrangements. Plus, you can use our round decorative tray to perfectly emphasize your delicious desserts, sweets, and snacks while providing additional visual impact in your home décor.

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