Ingenious Ways to Incorporate Craft Feathers in Your Décor

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There is no doubt that floral blooms work well with all kinds of themes and styles but using them to decorate every other special occasion can become quite monotonous. Are you looking for eccentric decorative accents to glam up your interior? Our craft feathers are just what you need to give a distinctive flair to your décor. Feathers are quirky yet elegant decorative craft supplies that are ideal to exude an interesting and refined visual appeal. The subtle hues and fluffy textures are perfect features to enhance fall and winter events. Craft feathers are quite versatile and can be used in several trendy and stylish ways to spruce up any type of interior décor. We have gathered some ravishing craft ideas using feathers that are perfect to enhance your event decorations.   

Feather Wall Decoration

Think out of the box and substitute your ordinary floral arrangements with our tantalizing bird feather crafts to impress your guests with your creativity. Get inspired with our sensational feather wall décor ideas and brighten up your ambiance.

Looking for something to accentuate your dull and boring walls? Hanging exquisite garlands on your walls is the perfect way to add subtle decorations to your interior. Craft exotic feathery garlands using our real turkey feathers to emanate pure elegance. For a Boho-themed baby shower party, opt for our light blue craft feathers and pink glittered turkey feathers and thread them alternatively using twine or fishing wire. The sparkling craft feathers will surely look majestic and will give a distinctive touch to your party décor.

Craft Feathers Decor Ideas

Not a fan of using gaudy decorations for your wedding reception? We have an exceptional idea for you to give your event a classy and posh look. Arts and craft feathers are just the perfect decorative accessories to add a modern and contemporary flair to your special occasions. Instead of going overboard with flowers and other lurid décor elements, opt for delicate white craft feathers to create a surreal backdrop for your ethereal white wedding. Use a backdrop stand to droop our gold-dipped craft feathers at varying heights and create a mesmerizing background to complement your subtle décor. This fluffy and feathery wall decor will give a whimsical effect to your memorable pictures when used as a backdrop for your wedding photo booth.

Craft Feathers Decor Ideas

Unlock your creativity and make stunning goose feather crafts to decorate your walls and doors. Want to give a soft and subdued look to your interior? Exhibit grace and elegance by using our decorative craft feathers to spruce up your décor. Opt for our real bird feathers to create an eye-catching craft work with feathers. Cover a spiral raffia base with white goose feathers to add a unique accent to your event or home décor. This fluffy craft feather wreath is apt for a winter style interior and will surely be a great addition to your living room decorations.

Craft feathers decor ideas

Distinctive Festive Feather Décor

Whether you are looking to add a personalized touch or want exquisite decorative details to help your festive décor stand out, our craft feathers can assist you to pull off your intended look. Who doesn’t love decorating special occasions and festive holidays with craft supplies? Spark things up and use our feather craft ideas to give a whimsical feel to your holiday parties.

Christmas calls for extravagant decorations and our glittery craft feathers are a great way to enhance your holiday décor. Feature a mix of different bird craft feathers for an interesting and majestic visual appeal.  Hang our metallic silver goose feathers, gold-dipped craft feathers and, fluffy ostrich feather boa craft supplies on your Christmas tree to hide any holes and imperfections. Reinvigorate the festive feel with these alluring feathery embellishments that will exude finesse and charm like none other.

Craft Feathers Decor Ideas

Festive wreaths are a great way to signify joy and exuberance. Make a scintillating decorative wreath using our real feathers for crafts and liven up your festive decorations. Breathe life into your Thanksgiving décor with an amazing wreath featuring our metallic gold craft feathers creatively arranged on a twig wreath. This year pep up your fall decorations with this magnificent and opulent-looking feathery wall décor to make a stunning impression on your guests.

Craft Feathers Decor Ideas

Go big, or go home! If this is your life’s mantra then our large craft feathers are just what you need to make your event more extravagant. Enrich your holiday party décor with a breathtaking hanging feather craft work suspended from the ceiling. Use a prefinished tree branch or a rectangular wooden slab to wind several white ostrich feathers around it using a monofilament thread. Exhibit grandeur with this tantalizing chandelier to make a bold décor statement.      

Craft Feathers Decor Ideas

Feather Table Décor

It goes without saying that your table décor should be on point to enhance the overall look of the event. Striking decorative accessories help spice things up giving an eccentric touch to your party décor. Looking for trendy and stylish ways to revamp your tablescapes? We have gathered some elegant feather craft ideas that are perfect for all your special occasions.

Highlight your tablescape with gorgeous candle centerpieces wrapped up in assorted craft feathers. Opt for our glass votive candle holders and use colorful turkey feathers to cover the walls of your holders. Tie a metallic mesh ribbon at the bottom edge of the votive candle holders to secure the craft feathers and to keep them in place. Set fluttering votive candles inside these feathery holders to create lucent light effects that will augment the beauty of your table décor.

Craft Feathers Decor Ideas

Planning a rustic Boho-themed event? Incorporate bird feather crafts in your décor to give an exquisite and nature-inspired look to your party. Embellish your flower vases, candle holders, cake stands and other decorative accessories with feather trim crafts to add a wow factor to your décor. Cover the edges of our glass cake stand with turkey feather fringes to enhance the visual appeal of your cake centerpiece. Showcase your cake stand on a wooden stump to reinforce the rustic theme and finish off by placing silver metallic craft feathers as cake toppers. Your feathery cake centerpiece will surely command attention from your guests and will be the talk of the event. 

Craft Feathers Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating a posh wedding reception, it is essential to use lush centerpieces that do not look tacky. Stay away from ostentatious decorations and opt for our exotic craft feathers to create dramatic centerpieces. Arrange our large ostrich feathers in either our metallic gold vase or a gold crystal beaded vase and droop a few ivory pearl strands to complete a charismatic feather craft centerpiece for your grand Gatsby-style interior décor.    

Craft Feathers Decor Ideas

Struggling to find the right accents for your place settings? Our gold-tipped natural turkey feathers come in many different colors, choose the ones that go with your color scheme and use them to take your table settings to the next level. For a royal-themed setup, top our gold crystal beaded metal chargers with a single navy blue craft feather which features a lustrous metallic gold tip. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how this effortless décor element will instantly brighten up your plain tables.

Craft Feathers Decor Ideas

Tired of rummaging through craft supplies to add a special personalized touch to your decorations? Put a halt to your endeavor and use our arts and craft feathers to give a customized look to your name tags. Tie our white craft feathers with your tags to display your guests’ names in style and also to add another sophisticated and eccentric decorative accent to your chic table décor. Your guests will surely appreciate your attention to detail and will be amazed by your feather craft work

Craft Feathers Decor Ideas

Craft feathers are such versatile craft supplies that can be used to complement any style and interior design. Whether you are planning a simple event or an extravagant bash, craft feathers work like a charm for all kinds of décor. Which feather décor inspired you the most? Do you have more feather craft ideas? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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