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With only a few days left until the Big Game, are you pumped up for the ultimate game day? Whether you’ve been following the entire season or your favorite team has made it to the Super Bowl or not, everybody gets excited as the first Sunday of February rolls around. After all, who can resist the winning combination of snacks, wings, beer, and a memorable time spent with friends and family! If you’re planning to host a watch party this year, even if it includes only your family or a small group of friends, you’ll need some thrilling and fun game day party ideas to keep everyone entertained before, during, and even after the game. Thus, if you’re on the lookout for fun ways to keep the spirits high this year, we’ve got you covered! Keep on scrolling and get inspired as we have gathered some joyous football game day party ideas that’ll help you get everyone on board!

Host a Zoom Session!

Your crew will probably be watching the game at their homes this year, since it is neither advised nor safe to gather a large crowd for any event. But don’t let that hold you back from enjoying game day celebrations with your sporty friends. Prepare game day party kits and fill them with hand throw streamers, pom poms, and pre-tied paper tassels that match your team’s color scheme to cheer for your favorite team with all that zeal. Mail them to your guests and host a zoom session to have exciting virtual game day party celebrations with your family and friends!

Game day ideas

Set up a Big Screen for the Big Game!

Rather than just sitting inside your home in front of the TV, we suggest you take your watch party out the back door or up on the roof for a change of scenery! Set up the big screen using a backdrop stand, white fabric, and some clamps to keep your projecting screen all stretched out. Hang bulb string lights all over the place and lay out a raffia fabric spread on the ground with bean bags, cushions, and blankets for a laid back seating arrangement. Arrange a low table or make one using wooden crate boxes and opt for our disposable serve ware to present all your game day snacks. You can also throw a couple of spreads a few feet away from each other to keep different groups separate while still enjoying the big game together!

Game day ideas

Have Party Games at the Ready!

If you’re a sporty and competitive bunch, why not warm up for the big game with a game of your own? Have some board games ready or get your guests tuned into action with an exciting football throw match. Hang a large metal ring using twine rope in your backyard or choose a spacious room to set up our double metal hoop ring stand on a table. Grab some mini footballs (even DIY bean bags will work!) and get started. The one with the most accurate throws in a limited time wins the game and the bragging rights!

Game day ideas

Showoff Your Creative Skills!

Apart from brushing up on your athletic skills on game day, put your crafting skills on display as well. Get the whole family in on creating some sports-inspired crafts for your game day party decorations to get everyone into the team spirit! For a simple craft idea, string up a cheer for your favorite team using our pennant banner and gold alphabet stickers to show your allegiance and support!

Game day ideas

Line Up Your Snack Station!

Score extra points with a snack table set up that’ll further elevate your overall football game day party decorations. Set the stage by covering your table with a white spandex tablecloth and arrange a couple of artificial grass table runners a few inches apart across the width of the table to ingeniously create a glorious gridiron-inspired game day food station. Lean into themed food and snacks and display them on the table using cardboard stands. Whereas, accommodate your guests with disposable plates, bowls, cups, paper napkins, and straws to avoid breakage and spills when it’s crunch time. This game day food and snack station is going to be a major win this kickoff season!

Game day ideas

Even if it’s just you and your immediate family, these game day party ideas will get everyone pumped up for the big showdown! How are you going to keep the spirits high this year? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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