Make Event Cleanup Easy with Our Newest Disposable Dinnerware

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Now that it’s November, we’re entering a time where celebrations are happening one after another. On top of end of the year weddings, we have Thanksgiving, holiday parties, and New Year Celebrations to plan for. With all these events going on, you may find yourself busier than usual. One of the ways that you can save time is by investing in disposable dinnerware for your next event! TableclothsFactory has brought in some new products that will serve your dinnerware needs, all while making cleanup easy! Check out some of our newest items below!

12 Pack 9" Disposable Gold Dust Round Dinner Plates

Not only are these plates pretty to look at, but they’re also durable! Made from hard plastic, these plates are sure to last the entire night. You don’t need to settle for paper plates when you have these beauties!

12 Pack Clear with Gold Rim Plastic Disposable Glass

At first glance it’s hard to tell that these cups are plastic and not glass. Adorned with a gold rim, this glass will create a classy experience for your guests. No worries about broken glass here!

30 Pcs Rose Gold Metallic Disposable Plastic Cutlery Set

Rose gold is one of those hot colors right now. So, why not have rose gold cutlery? Depending on your number of guests, you may have to double-up on this set. At $3.99 per set, you won’t have to fear breaking the bank!

10 Pack White with Gold Stamped Rim Disposable Bowl

Think you’ll be serving soup or salad during your event? Then you’ll need bowls! Why not choose these bowls with a gold stamped rim? They’ll look pretty and will clean up with no issues.

20 Pack 13" Stripe Paper Beverage Napkins

Have a little fun with these black and white striped napkins! They’ll look good on your table and won’t require washing afterwards.


There’s no reason to stress yourself out over event cleanup. Check out all our disposable dinnerware and let us know your favorites!

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