Master the Classic Three Point Fold in Three Easy Steps

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Aside from quality, what more than presentation will score more points at a reception? The food is arranged perfectly, the table settings matching, all linens tucked under corners, and place cards marking the spots for every guest. Step your presentation up a notch by leaving the napkin roll method at home and trying an artistic and fun way to fold your linen napkins. Today we’re going to break down a classic, but classy fold that anyone can master.

The classic three point fold – sound traditional but is impressively easy to master.

  1. Taking an ironed napkin, fold the napkin in half diagonally, matching the points evenly.
  2. Fold the right hand corner over to the left hand corner, but lower the tip to about 15 to 20 degrees lower.
  3. Now take the new right hand fold that you’d created, and make a pocket triangle by flattening the fold so it sits in the middle of newly created triangular pocket.

Simple as that! Rotate the napkin so it’s sitting with the point up and you have yourself a gorgeous three point fold that makes the ideal area for placing silverware, decorative table accents, or place cards. Or leave it sitting as is and tuck these linen napkins around the plate settings for a little decorative flair. Here at you can choose from satin, taffeta, linen and our Tuscany-polyester napkins. 

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