Fun Napkin Folds for Fancy Napkin Linen Situations

Last week we went over one simple napkin fold that can easily impress the guests. This week we’re hitting on a few favorite folds and the fun ways you can use these folds in your next event. Here’s a few of our favorite themes, and some nifty napkin folds to try out with your linen napkins!

Tropical Beach theme – For your sunny set up, try a Bird of Paradise fold to take flight with originality. The Shirt Fold is also a cute idea when you use bright tropical napkins!

Asian theme – Nestle your soy sauce bowels or soup bowls for the appetizers inside of a rose napkin fold. This pretty fold will also do great for serving any deserts. You can even do the table fan fold to match your fan favors for an all around theme!

Fancy Formal theme – Add elegance to the event with a Fancy Silverware napkin fold, or one of the many goblet napkin folds. If you’re trying to keep your very formal event from being stuffy, a neat table touch can be the necktie napkin fold to drape across plates.

Rustic theme – For your down to earth reception, an animal fold like the Reindeer napkin fold or Rabbit ears fold will be an interesting touch to the table.

Have you experimented with different napkin folds? There’s so many to try, you never know if you’ll discover your new favorite fold!

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