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While everybody is totally obsessed with metallic ombre chandeliers, balloons, and nail designs, we are not going to fall behind the trends. Of course, you can always achieve that ombre effect on your own, but you’ll considerably save your time with our recently launched Ombre Line of stylish candle holders, vases, and apothecary jars. Handblown from heavy-duty glass, all of them are accented with glimmering metallic tint, meaning that they are somewhere between the two realms – that of metals and of glass. If you still haven’t checked out these pieces of sophistication, rejoice – there are lots of thrilling discoveries in store for you!

Reversible Trumpet Vases

Trends come and go, but a bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece will always work. Yet, since flowers are tokens of festivities and can be found on almost any celebratory table, it’s not so easy to surprise anybody with a floral arrangement in a plain glass or metallic vase. To help you make a splash, we are at your service with our ombre glass reversible latour trumpet vases. Available with chrome gold and champagne finishes, they range in size from 25 to 35 inches high. Regardless of the color, they will beautifully expose your flower stems, which will gradually “disappear” as they get farther away from the graceful flared trumpet mouth. Or if you are into creative paths, flip it over to display your candles or flower balls!

Cake Stands

Like flowers, sweet delights are tokens of all things festive. Whether you cooked your treats on your own or purchased them at a local store, they deserve to be displayed on “first-class seats”. Because you might want to make your candy bar with the table having our gradient reversible vases atop, we are happy to offer you our stylish ombre cake stands. As soon as you see them, you’ll hardly believe that they are made from glass. Furthermore, unlike other cake stands and plateau, these feature a removable dome to keep your delights fresh and appetizing. Ranging in height and diameter, our cake stands will elegantly nest everything from a handful of nuts to a grandeur wedding cake.

In case you don’t have any treats to offer, while you are completely after these stands, you can simply remove the lids and utilize the stands as centerpiece risers, which can be further filled with peonies, hydrangeas, and candles, for example. Whatever you decide to put inside, we strongly recommend you use stands of varying heights to create a display of volume and dimension.

Apothecary Jars

If you are looking to build a candy bar with style and taste, we have some great news for you – besides those charming cake stands described above, we also offer a line of ombre apothecary jars, which will beautifully blend in with other gradient accessories from our online store. Believe it or not, there is something mysterious about these apothecary jars – due to the ombre coating, they partially conceal the contents, making people unsure of what’s inside. Depending on your style, theme, and personal preferences, feel free to choose from our jars with baroque tops, teardrop jars, jars with plain tops, and classic jars. Like with the cake stands, you are free to decide how to use these jars – depending on your needs, you can fill them with candy, transform them into lovely terrariums, or use them as containers for cutlery, bathroom accessories, cosmetics, or stationary.

Long-Stem Candle Holders

Whatever occasion you are putting together, nothing can set the scene better than ambient lighting. The only thing that can combat the charming allure of candles is candles nested in stylish holders. Whether you are planning a cocktail-tasting event, or there is the lack of dimension on your tabletop, our long-stem ombre candle holders will definitely cater to your décor needs. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, they’ll effortlessly incorporate with any setting and theme. Thus, you can choose from our contemporary-style holders, rounded goblet candle holders, and  flared goblet holders, which you can further use for your floating candles or flip them over for an unusual display. In case you are craving for something even unusual, you can give a chance to our heavy-duty tall flower vases. Unlike their counterparts, they feature fillable stems, so that you can turn them upside down to utilize as slender vases for your single-stem flowers.

Mushroom-Inspired Candle Holders

Are you head over heels for unusual vintage shapes? Well, our mushroom-style candle holders are exactly what you won’t be able to say “no” to! Like other accessories from our ombre selection, these are also made from heavy-duty glass, which was then accented with metallic tint. Fashioned in a whimsical shape, they resemble magical creatures, which are somewhere between mushrooms and jelly fish. You can complement them with our wooden slabs and grass mats to transform your tabletop into an enchanted forest scene or pair them with our globe style candle holders and terrariums filled with sand and seashells for the underwater theme. 

Since our ombre accessories are made from glass, which was then tinted with metallic finishes, they can be used to complement both metallic and glass decorations on your tabletop. Feel free to display them as they are or style them with candles, ribbons, flowers, or whatever is to your liking. If you have any creative ideas in your mind, please don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below!

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