Riveting Acrylic Box Décor Ideas for a Chic Modern Twist

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Are you in search of something classy to highlight your decorations? Whether you want to boost up the extravagance or you want to add dimension to your decorative accents to make them more prominent, our acrylic box is just what you need to impart a super-modern and chic vibe to your event. These shiny, light-reflecting and multi-purpose transparent acrylic display boxes are versatile that work well with a variety of themes and styles. The crystal clear pillars and see-through appeal visually enlarge your space and put the focus on whatever they are holding augmenting the charm of your décor.

Arrange an enticing flower bouquet inside these clear display boxes or stylishly exhibit a stunning centerpiece on top, there are various ways you can use them to modishly enrich your event design. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much difference it can make by simply displaying your decorations in a mere acrylic box. If you are still skeptical about using these exceptional plastic boxes with lids, read on and you’ll find tons of epic and inspirational ideas to impart a charming and fascinating flair with a touch of elegance and panache.

Tantalizing Backdrop Decorations

Looking for striking backdrop setups to make your event décor more interesting and captivating? We have gathered some exclusive backdrop décor ideas featuring our acrylic display boxes to take your event décor to the next level.

Are you throwing a party but can’t think of unique ways to display your balloons? Pep things up with this eccentric backdrop idea to give a contemporary twist to your party décor. Opt for our round metal backdrop stand and decorate half of it with green foliage panels and deck out the other half with various balloons to bring in the joyous charm. Next, fill up our 32" clear acrylic boxes with lids randomly with different sized balloons and arrange them in front of your modishly decorated backdrop stand to create an eccentric and whimsical party backdrop. Also, arrange some water-filled cylindrical glass vases with a disc candle floating on top to further brighten up your space.

Acrylic Box

Thinking of a modern style décor for your bridal shower party? Adorn your venue wall with our lush green artificial leaf panels from ceiling to floor emanating a natural vibe. Bedeck the sides and top of your wall backdrop with a mix of off white, pastel pink and gold-colored balloons and arrange our large acrylic display boxes in front to give an ultra-modern edge to your backdrop décor. Further, augment the modish visual appeal by stylishly arranging faux willow leaf garlands on top of your clear boxes along with an hourglass vase holding our elegant cream-colored rose blooms to exude a chic and refined flair.

Acrylic Box

Alluring Centerpiece Display

Does your tabletop décor lack grandeur and extravagance? Opt for our acrylic display case to give your centerpieces that glamorous oomph factor that you have been looking for. Get inspired by our stunning display box decoration ideas to glam things up.

If you love using tall centerpieces to add dimension and height to your tablescape, look no further than our clear acrylic box to draw more attention to your table centerpieces. Arrange a beautiful cream hydrangea floral ball bouquet on top of our sleek metallic gold vase and place it on a 12" display box to instantly give it more elevation and flair. Moreover, arrange some cylindrical vases with LED tea light candles around your centerpiece and also strew ivory rose petals all over your table exuding a radiant whimsical allure.

Acrylic Box

Not sure how to accentuate the sumptuousness of your centerpiece? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Simply showcase your posh centerpiece in an acrylic display case and boost its opulence tenfold. Place an ornate white crystal beaded flower vase with a lovely bunch of artificial cream-colored cherry blossoms inside our crystal clear tall acrylic box to impart a majestic and imperial appeal.

Acrylic Box

Can’t decide between two exquisite centerpiece ideas for your event tables? Why choose one when you can stylishly display both of them to exude an extravagant and dramatic allure. Opt for our clear acrylic box and exhibit one stunning showpiece inside the display box and place the other one on top to create an epic and one of a kind striking table centerpiece.  

Acrylic Box

Modern Floral Display

If you are looking for ingenious ways to spruce up your floral display, then our 4 sided clear acrylic box is just what you need to add a refined contemporary flair to your enticing arrangement. We have hand-picked some sensational acrylic flower box ideas to elegantly showcase those exotic tropical blooms.

Whether you want to give a modish look to your floral arrangement or you just don’t want the wind to disturb your elaborate and artistically arranged flower bouquet in an outdoor setting, showcasing your flower and foliage décor in an acrylic display case is definitely a wise choice to impart a sophisticated and chic visual appeal. Create a beautiful arrangement using our life-like artificial flowers, faux leaves, and preserved moss and encase it in our acrylic box giving a classy touch to your floral display.

Acrylic Box

Exhibit your mesmerizing flower arrangement on top of our tall display box to augment its alluring charm without obstructing the view of your guests. Position a 24" acrylic display case in the center of your table and drop some gold twine balls and twinkling fairy string lights inside exuding a scintillating and dazzling appeal. Set up a lovely floral arrangement with wine and dusty rose peonies, ivory chrysanthemums, LED stems, and artificial leaves and place it on top of your clear acrylic box emanating a magnificent whimsical charm.

Acrylic Box

Are you looking for sheer accents to accentuate your trendy Lucite event décor? Our modish clear acrylic box is perfect to give a glamorous allure to your floral display. Opt for our 32" tall acrylic display boxes and use acrylic bead strands to hang round glass bubbles filled with blush petals emanating a romantic appeal. Showcase a mix of pink orchids, artificial blush hydrangeas, blush roses and blush cherry blossoms on top of your display boxes giving a truly chic charm to your flower arrangement.

Acrylic Box

Ravishing Cake Display

Can’t find a cake stand that complements your modern style design? Get inspired by our acrylic cake stand box ideas and elegantly exhibit your stunning cake to augment its beauty tenfold.

Whether you are going for a simple design or you have an intricate multi-tiered artistic cake, opt for our chic acrylic box which can hold a fair amount of weight to securely and modishly display your cake with a whimsical flair. Fill the clear acrylic box with exotic flowers and feature your cake on top giving an ultra-modern twist to your cake display.

Acrylic Box

Planning a luxurious sheer wedding reception décor? Spruce up your cake display by setting up a unique pillar table to showcase your majestic wedding cake. Use our 40" tall clear acrylic box as an exquisite pillar column for your table and bedeck it with ice crystals and floral stems to accentuate the posh appeal. Place a round acrylic cake plate on top of the acrylic display case and exhibit your wedding cake in style!

Acrylic Box

Enchanting Aisle Décor

If you are looking for exclusive aisle decorations to create a riveting pathway for the bride’s most awaited walk down the aisle, look no further than our acrylic display boxes to modishly bedeck your wedding aisle. Line up either our set of 5 clear acrylic boxes in ascending order or align tall acrylic boxes on both sides of an ivory aisle runner to impart a chic and sophisticated charm to your ceremony décor. Brighten it up by arranging our ivory LED candles inside the boxes and adorn the crystal clear pillars with hanging garlands, enchanting blooms, and other embellishments to enrich your aisle decorations.

Acrylic Box

Unique Wedding Card Box

While some guests prefer to mail you the gifts others might bring them along at your wedding party to extend their well wishes. Displaying a unique card box will not only accentuate your gift table décor but also make a stunning impression on your guests. Use our 12" acrylic box with lid as your wishing well and throw in some rose petals or choose from the wide variety of colorful vase fillers available at tableclothsfactory to complement your wedding theme.

Acrylic Box

Enticing Food Station Decoration

Planning to set up a dessert bar, candy buffet, or snack station at your party? Give a classy look to your table by using our acrylic display boxes in varying sizes to display all your delectable treats. Don’t have enough space on the table? Don’t worry, position our tall acrylic box beside your table and exhibit your eatables on top augmenting your overall event aesthetics.

Acrylic Box

As you can see, there is so much you can do with our seemingly simple but exquisite clear acrylic box to add a dose of contemporary flair to your event design. Which ideas did you like the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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