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Flower Garland

Floral décor at ceremonial celebrations such as wedding ceremonies display picturesque beauty making the whole occasion turn charming and blissful. Floral décor has been a prominent theme for decorating events and occasions for many decades and its fan base only keeps increasing even during these modern times. Especially, with the kind of fabulous and relishing garland flowers available at Tableclothsfactory, floral themed décor will grace events and celebrations even into the far future.

Floral décor at your events adds a sense of chicness and allure that will make every guest go wow. The lavish color pastels and the vibe they exude are sure a garlands decoration to attract and turn many heads towards them. The Rose Gold Wisteria Artificial Flower Garland and the Purple Silk Hydrangea Artificial Flower Garland look exquisite at the tables and the wedding arches.

The rose gold and purple pastels get well with any other color too forming a captivating theme that no one can resist looking at. If the rose gold and purple color tones look subtle on the décor products, the popping hues of the Wine Artificial Wisteria Flower Garland, Pink Artificial Wisteria Flower Garland, and the Yellow Artificial Wisteria Flower Garland display grandeur and extravagance at their best.

Flower Wall Hanging
Wedding Garland

These hanging flower backdrops will mesmerize your guests at the event with their bold and stunning vibrancy without a speck of doubt. The charming colorful appeal of these flower wall garlands proves to be the perfect addition to backdrops and stages, staircase railings, tables and can be even attached to the ceiling to form some striking and bedazzling hanging décor theme. Browse through Tableclothsfactory now, to find many more amazing colorful garlands to make your occasions and celebrations more vivacious.




1. How to make a flower garland for wedding ?

Ans: Whether real or artificial, flowers have played a vital role on different occasions for their beauty and the added texture they bring to any space. From tables to arches to backdrops, faux flower garlands are being used more and more in unexpected and creative ways. These blooming accent pieces are the perfect adornment not only for a wedding, but also for a baby shower, to decorate a nursery, or as a complement to daily home decor.

However, not every DIY faux garland is easy to do, and if you are short on time and you need to whip up a decor that will stay fresh for the entire duration of a wedding or event, then our wonderful selection of artificial floral garlands that comes ready to go out of the box is the perfect solution. Not only do these pleasing visual elements save you time instantly, but these flower garland decorations are also easy to maintain, not to mention the very lovely aesthetic they imbue as flower garland backdrops.

2. How to hang floral garland ?

Ans: If you are stuck wondering how to take your wedding flowers to new heights, you can incorporate flower-studded vines to make a statement and elevate your reception and ceremony decor. Hang pretty, delicate-looking artificial wedding garland from the ceiling of your event space for a cozy and romantic display. You can do this using fishing lines or you can attach floral vines directly to existing fixtures such as ceiling rafters or chandeliers for a spectacular design. 

You can also embellish string or edison lights with a floral garland wedding to give your party space some glamorous garden appeal. Another easy way to add a colorful accent to any reception is to dress the back of the bride and groom’s wedding chairs with a lush flower garland that matches the wedding color palette.

If your venue doesn't have many opportunities for decoration, a simple lush wisteria garland hung along the perimeter of the party space goes a long way and only takes minimal setup time. Have some fishing line or nylon wire handy to create a hanging point and easily string your flower wall hanging vines anywhere for your special day. We hope these innovative hanging wedding garland ideas will inspire your wedding day décor.

3. How to attach garland to wedding arch ?

Ans: Beautifully decorated wedding gazebos and arches create a burst of color and texture and highlight the space where the wedding ceremony and photography will take place. And there is no better scheme for presenting a simple wedding arch than with a beautiful wedding arch garland to help you bring your remarkable wedding decorating ideas to life.

Attach garland flowers to a wooden wedding arch using floral wires or zip ties to ensure that your decorations look attractive throughout the celebration. Secure several branches of faux flower garland at the front and sides of the arch. On the other hand, you can let some parts of the vine layover and let it cascade on the arbor's frame for a more dramatic and striking effect.

You can incorporate lovely wedding arch flowers with other rustic garlands and decorations such as big flower bushes and white sheer drapery panels to wonderfully cover columns and poles. Whether you want something super simple and chic or a little more elaborate design, there is a perfect silk flower garland at TableclothsFactory for you.

4. Where to buy flower garlands ?

Ans: Still worried about not finding suitable artificial flower garlands for decoration, or maybe you are still having a hard time matching your color palette and can't choose? Come take a look at our fabulous artificial flower garland for weddings which can instantly add color and sophistication to gazebos, mandaps, arches, bridal bouquets, wreaths, floral arrangements, and many more.

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, traditional or unconventional, you can create your own paradise and transform any venue into a dreamscape in no time with the wonderful elegance of our versatile white silk hydrangea, faux wisteria silk flower strands, sunflower artificial garland, and other types of garland. Since you can wrap, cut, bend and hang these floral garland decorations, they can be used in virtually any wedding and event decorating project.

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