Should Wedding Tablecloths Touch The Floor?

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When it comes to designing a tablescape for any casual or formal event, a tablecloth is arguably one of the most essential decor accessories. Although stylizing your tables with linens sounds simple and uncomplicated, it does not come easy to all! There are a lot of factors to consider but the size and overhang of the tablecloth is something that defines the overall look. So, should tablecloths touch the floor or hang halfway down the table? Well, it depends on the formality of your event.

Traditionally, half drops are suitable for casual and informal parties. However, when it comes to formal occasions such as evening weddings and galas, your table linens should drop all the way down to the floor. A full-length drop not only adds a refined and sophisticated appeal to the event design but has some other benefits as well. Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of using a longer overhang for your tables.


Creates An Elegant Ambiance

There is something about a floor-length drop that sets a formal tone and adds a finishing touch to your event table decoration. Thus, dressing up your tables with linens that go all the way down is one of the most effective and effortless ways to create a classy ambiance for any event. While any table cloth that reaches the floor can accentuate the aesthetics, we suggest you opt for a shiny satin or posh velvet tablecloth to further augment the luxurious aura.

Conceals The Unappealing Elements

Most banquet tables have unappealing and drab legs that can steal away the charm of your alluring tabletop decor if they’re not covered up. This is where using a big tablecloth comes in handy! It hides those unsightly stick legs along with any other flaws and imperfections around the edge or under the table giving a flawless, sophisticated, and refined appeal to your display. For standard-sized banquet tables, choose our 90x132" rectangle or 120" round tablecloths to make them look perfect from every angle.

Moreover, dressing up your feature table with a full-length table cover allows you to sneak things under the table without anyone ever noticing them. You can hide those jumbled-up wires, technical equipment, or props beneath the table and drape a lovely tablecloth on top to declutter your space in a jiffy!

Effortless & Hassle-free Setup

Not a fan of layering different linens on your table but want to achieve a dramatic look? Simply throwing a floor-length table cover on your table is one of the easiest and hassle-free ways to impart a stunning appeal to your design. It never goes out of style and minimizes the effort and time needed to set up a gorgeous-looking tablescape for your event. However, if you’re wondering how to figure out the right tablecloth size that’ll give a full drop on your table, check out our sizing chart to pick the right size according to your table dimensions.

Although tablecloths that give a half drop are a cheaper option, they aren’t suitable for black-tie events.  Thus, if you’re planning a formal event, it’s better to stick to table linens that touch the floor. So, what drop length are you going to go for? Let us know in the comments section below!

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