What Material Are Tablecloths Made Of?

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Setting up a formal or informal tablescape is always a great experience as you can put your creativity on display by choosing the right elements for the right event. Tablecloth is like the jewel on an outfit, it is the foundation of any tabletop decor and helps in setting the tone for an event. Whether you are organizing a formal event like wedding, shower, birthday, dinner, or simply looking forward to give a homely feel to your meal time, table linens play a vital role in upscaling your tabletop aesthetics. Draping any kind of tablecloth atop the tables is not the right approach as every event demands a different look and need. The fabric that you choose for the tablecloth is also an important decision, as the fabric of tablecloth comes in a variety of materials. If you want to learn a bit more about what kind of material are tablecloths made of, delight, yourself, as we have rounded up some key pointers for you to have a better understanding. Scroll down and get inspired!


Satin Tablecloth!

If you want to elevate the elegance of your tablescapes, choose the royal feel and luster of satin material. The glossy material of this tablecloth will heighten the urbanity of any event and will exude overwhelming charm and sophistication all around. The silky, smooth, and shiny feel of this table cover always inspire people with its imperial fabric. Our supreme quality satin tablecloths are fabricated from high luster fabric that are made from silk or synthetic materials like polyester. Although they are sturdy with wrinkle and stain resistant properties but do require care and maintenance, so wash them on a delicate cycle and enjoy their sublime refinement and extra smoothness. Opt for, our stripe satin tablecloths and rosette satin tablecloths and let these fancy tablecloths enticingly create a glamorous ambiance for your luxe parties.

Velvet Tablecloth!

Accentuate your plain banquet or party tables with the soft velvety texture of velvet tablecloth and let this sumptuous table cover impart a luxurious and charming appeal. Our velvet tablecloths are crafted from premium quality polyester with lush velvet weave that will add just the right amount of luster and lavishness to your upscale evening dinners. 

Spandex Tablecloth!

Give a sleek fitted effect to your banquet tables with spandex tablecloth that is made from high quality four-way stretch spandex material and is highly durable, stretchable, and affordable. Our cocktail spandex tablecloth, metallic spandex tablecloths, glittered spandex cocktail tablecloth, and spandex stretch tablecloths feature stain and wrinkle resistant properties and don’t require ironing. These tablecloth linens expand effortlessly, adjusting to the size of the table that you wish to drape and make a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor events, holiday parties, and other festive celebrations.

Sequin Tablecloth!

Give your merry celebrations a dazzling touch with our classic sequin tablecloths and let the voguish appeal of these sparkling rounds take your décor to a whole new level. Featuring high-quality sequins, this shimmery tablecloth is made with glittery rounds that are brilliantly stitched without leaving gaps. Our budget-friendly cheap glitter tablecloths will add a royal feel to your bridal tables, banquet tables, head tables, cake tables, and guest tables.

Polyester Tablecloth!

In search for a universal tablecloth that can flawlessly blend with any theme and last more than one event? Look no further than our high-quality, yet unbelievably inexpensive polyester tablecloth. Made from premium quality material, our collection of polyester tablecloths is color-fast, practical, budget-friendly, and extremely classy and can withstand extensive use. This beautiful table cover is stain & wrinkle resistant, gets easily clean and launder and with minor ironing looks smooth. Get our checkered gingham polyester tablecloths for your picnics and farmhouse events. Flawlessly blending with any theme our exclusive collection of rectangle, round, & square polyester tablecloths will accommodate all your “linen” needs.

Burlap Tablecloths!

Add a vintage charm into your space with burlap tablecloth and set the most sophisticated tablescapes ever. The sturdy fabric of our burlap tablecloths is easy to wash and care for, avoid washing as it will damage the fabric, simply spot clean and steam iron it. This fancy table cover has a unique smell that indicates that it is made of 100% authentic burlap material. The enticing bucolic look, and texture of real jute will take your rustic-themed decor to a whole new level.


Choosing the perfect material of tablecloth isn’t that tricky, with the right knowledge you can achieve your desired look. Was this blog helpful enough to make you understand about what kind of material are tablecloths made of? We hope so, choose from our collection of tablecloths and continue glamming your events up for years to come. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below!


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