Simple Tablecloths Tips to Keep in Mind

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Deciding to use a tablecloth is one of those simple, effective secrets that regular party planners to make their celebration aesthetically pleasing. Tablecloths draw the table together, giving a uniform background to the delicious treats and exciting decorations. To step up the decorations while keeping that unifying theme, you can even add table runners to your tables.

Tablecloths are equally beautiful and practical.

A tablecloth protects the table from scuffs and spills, making clean up easier and preventing damage to wood finishes. On the other hand, if the table has already suffered from the lack of a tablecloth, using one now will make the table presentable. Be creative in your tablecloth choices, picking cheerful colors and patterns that bring a spark of life to your party.

Have fun setting up your table for your party! To start, throw a tablecloth over your table. Make sure it lies evenly. If the table is pushed against a wall, go ahead and pull it down a little farther on the exposed side. Next, put on your table runners, making sure they are straight. The centerpiece comes next, and then arrange your dishes, stacks of plates and napkins or place settings. A table cloth brings easy style!

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