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One of the most striking images in the trailer for director Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman film ‘Man of Steel’ is a small child running at play in a field wearing a simple, homemade red cape. It’s iconic, not just of the hero that child will grow up to become, but of every kid or kid at heart that has longed to take to the skies as a super hero.

If watching that montage of footage while Russell Crowe (or Kevin Coster – who plays Pa Kent – in one variant of the footage) intones paternal wisdom has you geeking out, then go and put on your own cape.  Don’t have one? Think tablecloth.

Like most every great kitchen must-haves, the tablecloth is a multi-tasker. And one of its most enduring, most important uses is the super hero cape.  Whether you’re an adult in search of a Halloween costume or a child at play, there are few things as easy and as gratifying as tying the ends of a table cloth around your neck – take that, white sheet/ghost costume!

Planning a heroic birthday party for your son or daughter?  Turn tablecloths into party favors easily by cutting to the right length and adding Velcro to the top corners.  You’ll have a great-looking cape that the partygoers can wear, decorate and personalize. And there’s no better place to turn for low-priced quality linens than  – we’re like your own personal special occasions super heroes!

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