Creating Affordable and Intriguing Thanksgiving Table and Chair Decor

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As you think about decor for your Thanksgiving Day celebration, there are lots of ways to keep your costs in check while making the most of your decorative ideas for the day.

Cheap table linens are perfect for facilitating creative decor without overstretching your budget. You can find a lot of options in cheap table linens for the holiday, focusing on earthy colors like rust and brown.

  • Contrast these selections with mustard and orange hues.
  • Use a deeper and darker color for the basis of your table decor, adding layers of brighter shades in your selection of place mats and table napkins.

Chair sashes can add a truly unique sense to your Thanksgiving feast. There are many pre-made chair sashes to consider. You can also explore bulk fabric that can be used to create your chair adornments.

  • Fastening fall foliage embellishments to the points at which the chair sashes are tied can add to the festive feel of the occasion.
  • You can use contrasting fabric to create rich visual effects.
  • Pin name tags to each sash to designate your seating arrangement.
  • Incorporate party games into your table and chair decor, placing numbers or symbols that are able to be exchanged for door prizes later.

How do you get the most ‘bang for your buck’ from your table décor?

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