The Three Whys of Foam Bricks

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When it comes to design trends, nothing can beat the eye-catching appearance and unmatched charm of exposed brick. Whether raw or painted, the look of exposed brick lends itself to an extensive range of styles, from rustic to industrial. However, if there’s no brick under your plaster, or you need a temporary DIY backdrop, our 3d faux foam bricks will help you recreate the appearance of their solid counterparts.

Crafted from high-quality foam, our faux bricks mimic the unique texture and timeless beauty of their prototypes. Meanwhile, unlike their real-life “twins”, our self-adhesive bricks are extremely practical, economic, and easy-to-install.

Why practical?

While real exposed brick is extremely susceptible to the absorption of moisture and dirt, our foam bricks are stain and water resistant. What’s more, due to the elasticity of foam, they will never crack with time and remain on your walls as long as you need.

Why easy-to-install?

Our foam bricks are self-adhesive, meaning that the installation process is completely mess-free (no grout and no glue) and doesn’t require any professional skills. Furthermore, all our sticky bricks come in panels that can cover 58 Sq. Ft of wall. Whatever you’re going to “brick”, you’ll need to tear off the adhesive backing from the panel, shape it (the panel) with a pair of scissors, and stick it to any clean and smooth surface. Once done, feel free to style your designer wall with artworks and other hanging décor.

Why economic?

As for the prices, all our self-adhesive bricks are much cheaper than real bricks or decorative stones – at TableclothsFactory, 10 panels will cost you less than $55! On top of that, our 3D faux bricks will help you save on sound control, thermal insulation, and professional installation.

Last but not least, all our faux brick panels are available in an extensive selection of hues to suit your tablecloths, covers, runners, ceiling furnishings, and other accessories from TableclothsFactory. To learn more about these sticky charms, don’t hesitate to check out our full collection for yourself!

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