How to Celebrate National Pizza Party Day Without Ordering a Pizza

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If you haven’t heard - this year, National Pizza Day falls on May 18th. Of course, the best way to observe this holiday is to host a party themed around pizza. However, if you believe that ordering a stack of pizzas is too trivial while slaving over a hot stove sounds a bit intimidating to you, tuck all your worries away and throw a grandeur build-your-own-pizza bash.

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To get into the “pizza” vibe, you can transform your party space into a makeshift pizzeria. All you need to do is to cover your tables with checkered linens (you can use table skirts as well). Alternatively, you can spread checkered runners or overlays over white linens.


Though eating pizza doesn’t require any tableware (while napkins are still a must), you can go creative and craft a handmade centerpiece using our natural tableware and dinnerware. To add some colors and tie everything together, incorporate fresh-cut or handmade blooms.

For a DIY pizza setup, prepping everything together is super simple. If a mere thought of making homemade pizza dough makes you nervous, you can purchase a pizza dough kit with all the necessary ingredients that need to be mixed up. To make things even easier, just purchase several pizza doughs and that’s it!

As for the toppings, prepare as many compatible ingredients as you can so that your guests can unleash their creativity. To help them make their pizzas unique, you can group all your toppings into three categories: sauces (olive oil, pesto, roasted red peppers, balsamic glaze, etc.), cheeses (mozzarella, provolone, bucatini, and more), and fresh toppings (figs, onions, basil, pepperoni, and beyond). To compete this setup, use our disposable bowls (these cuties will add metallics to your color scheme) for your ingredients.

If you’re tough on time and can’t prep the ingredients beforehand, host a make-your-own-pizza contest where you get to be the judge. To make this happen, group your friends into several teams so that they can shop for ingredients in advance. Then, you can feel free to sip on your cider and wait for them to wow you.

As the cherry on top, send your guests home with our pizza cutters. To enhance the visual appeal of your keepsakes, use our checkered ribbons for décor!

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