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4th of July celebrations are all about sensational firework displays, lively parades, beach and park picnics, and sharing a hearty meal with your loved ones to celebrate America’s birthday. But in this age of social distancing, with parades and firework shows being canceled, things are probably going to look a lot different than usual. But that doesn’t mean that you have to let go of all the fun 4th of July activities altogether. Tweak you Fourth of July plans a little and focus on spending more time with your family to revel in the classic holiday festivities. Instead of inviting the entire extended family for a grand barbeque party, plan a small get together with immediate family and closest friends or in lieu of the annual neighborhood block party, host a virtual potluck to safely celebrate this patriotic holiday. If you are looking for fun 4th of July activities to keep your quarantine crew occupied, how about making some DIY 4th of July crafts which can be doubled as your holiday decorations. Read on and explore some interesting ways and rousing 4th of July activities for adults and kids to revive the patriotic spirit!

Cheerful 4th of July Backyard Picnic Party

Everyone loves a garden picnic on Independence Day with the sun shining over to enliven the festive mood. Though outdoor picnic spots are likely to be closed in these uncertain circumstances, you can still have a great time by transforming your grassy backyard into a lovely picnic spot while staying safe in your home. So throw our white and red checkered raffia picnic spread in your grassy mini meadow to infuse the colors of patriotism and head out with your picnic basket filled with all the red, white, and blue treats for a fantastic backyard picnic. Moreover, use our stylish disposable dinnerware to give a chic look to your picnic spread which will also make clean up after the party a lot easier. In case you are missing your annual 4th of July neighborhood block party, let everyone join in on the fun and swap picnic baskets with your neighbors for a joyous and fun 4th of July activity.

4th of july activities

Delightful Backyard Cookout

Fourth of July celebration is surely incomplete without a lavish barbeque feast. Plan a cookout in your backyard with your friends and family for the ultimate holiday experience. Set up a barbeque station and cover your table with our red and white striped satin tablecloth and swathe a sparkling navy blue sequin table runner along the middle for majestic star-spangled table décor. Use our red metallic string placemats for your table settings and place royal blue rimmed disposable dinner plates with gold starry paper napkins on top to create a perfectly patriotic spot to feed your guests. Brighten up your tablescape with some LED candles, sparklers, and gorgeous flower centerpieces giving a riveting appeal to your festive table. Moreover, prepare for one of the most legendary 4th of July activities for adults—the hot dog eating contest and keep some striped paper napkins on the side to let your guests grab those straight from the grill hotdogs, incorporating the iconic stripes and star motifs for an inspiring Independence Day table décor.

4th of july activities

4th of July Craft Activities

Thinking of including some indoor 4th of July activities to entertain every member of the family? There is nothing better than making beautiful DIY 4th of July crafts together to take your Independence Day decorations to the next level. Give a nod to the red, white, and blue hues and get inspired by these nifty crafts to reinforce the festive patriotic feel.

With the breezy summery winds, a patriotic windsock will be a great addition to your home exterior festive décor. Sew together our shiny white, red, and royal blue-colored satin ribbons to create stunning windsocks and use our gold metal hoops in varying sizes to display them in your porch or backyard imparting a gorgeous patriotic flair. Not great at sewing? Tie your ribbons on the metal hoop alternating the three patriotic colors and let the loose ends of the ribbons float in the air for an awe-inspiring Fourth of July decoration.

4th of july activities

Want to spend your time wisely and are looking to craft something useful? As wearing face masks is the new norm, why not make patriotic cloth face masks to keep everyone around you safe and sound on this festive holiday. Choose our navy blue and white striped napkins and red and white striped napkins to creatively make some trendy-looking masks while still keeping the patriotic spirit alive. Use our face mask filter inserts to optimize the protective efficacy and distribute these super patriotic face masks in the local hospitals or drop them in your neighbor’s mail boxes for meaningful 4th of July activities.

4th of july activities

Exclusive 4th of July Watch Party

Looking to keep everyone busy with some thrilling 4th of July family activities while you wait to see the stunning evening firework display? Boost up the patriotism and host an indoor campout in your living room with a theater set up to screen a patriotic movie. Drape our white blackout curtains on a heavy duty backdrop stand and project the movie on it using a projector for an exciting watch party with friends and family. Also create a glowing American Flag on your living room wall using white, blue, red LED string lights, and acrylic stars to add a scintillating visual interest to your interior.

4th of july activities

With so many interesting 4th of July activities, this year’s celebrations will surely be one to remember! Which of these ideas and activities are you excited to add to your holiday festivities? Let us know in the comments section below!

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