Weave the Bohemian Chic into Your Easter Tablescape

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Are you planning to host an Easter party this year? Well, those who always celebrate Easter might find themselves to be sick and tired of those bunnies and plastic grass, like we are. Whether you are nodding “yes” or just looking to make your Easter table outshine all the rest, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve assembled a tantalizing setup that will definitely fascinate you with its simplicity coupled with the Bohemian charm.


Since we decided to make moss the star of this setup, we’ve put a lot of thought into which tablecloth to choose that matches flawlessly with moss – the trick is that moss doesn’t pair well with plain linens. Finally, we’ve settled on our floriated lace tablecloth. There’s something vintage about lace, and along with moss, it makes a perfect foundation for a spring-inspired Bohemian setup. As for the colors, we’ve chosen white, but you can also experiment with blush, ivory, light blue, and other pastel hues.

Once the tablecloth was there, we’ve arranged our reindeer moss into a makeshift table runner. Meanwhile, those who are too short on time to scatter the moss the way we did can save their time with our moss table runner. Created to take care of your time without compromising on the end result, it features preserved moss, which is intricately attached to a flexible fishnet grid. Either way, whichever strategy you choose, you’ll achieve that authentic look!

Place Settings

After we dressed up the table, our next step was to accommodate each guest with fancy dinnerware. In our attempts to spruce up our still-plain tabletop with a splash of pastel hues, we decided to use our pink porcelain plates, which charmingly paired with the refreshing flair of our moss runner and the vintage charm of our lace tablecloth. To carry on with the sophisticated theme, we’ve complemented these born-in-Victorian-times plates with our gold baroque style cutlery, which has added to the upscale look of the latter.

As for the napkin part, we’ve skipped the napkin rings. Instead we’ve folded our white napkins into lovely napkin bunnies and secured them with pink ribbons to go with the pink plates (doing a bunny-style napkin fold is a cinch – the Internet is brimming with different tutorials, and most of them don’t involve ironing). For a personalized touch and to arrange the location of each guest, we’ve finished things off with our chalkboard place cards.


It goes without saying that nothing whispers spring like blossoms. Since we had moss instead of a traditional table runner, we understood that a classic glass vase would not work out. Instead, in order to enhance that rustic charm of our table setup, we’ve utilized our moss & bark planters for our blossoms. For a balanced look, we’ve used two pieces, which we then filled with white and pink hydrangeas, tulips, and sporadic sprays of baby breath. To add some dimension to our setup, we’ve used our cage style holders for our candles (featuring hurricane cups, these are also perfect for outdoor celebrations), which we’ve placed between the planters.

Additional Accessories

It’s no secret that additional accessories give an extra charm to the entire setup. First up, we’ve added a couple of candle holders from our gem cut line – when exposed to the sunlight, these can transform even the most ordinary table into a sophisticated extravaganza of dancing lights and shadows. Secondly, in order to brighten it up with bolder hues, we’ve scattered decorative Easter eggs across the moss runner, which was instantly transformed into a blossomy meadow on a spring morning. To complement our cage candle holders, we’ve shaped our moss fillers into lovely nests, which were then filled with colorful Easter eggs. To intensify the dramatic effect produced by the splashy colors, we’ve covered our backdrop with our blossomy wall coverings, which feature roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and begonia flowers of different colors.

Though our setup features a variety of accessories and details, it didn’t take us long to assemble. What is more surprising – it is quite budget-friendly. Still, the most important thing is that it combines different colors and styles – that’s why we are absolutely into it! But what about you? What would you say about this setup? Do you have an alternative Easter tablescape in your mind? Please let us know in the comments below!

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