What Color Flowers Are Used For A Funeral?

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Flowers are a traditional way to express love, happiness, joy, hope, and even grief. Since it’s not always easy to find words to convey your sentiments on sad occasions, flowers can be used to signify your feelings appropriately, bring comfort to the family of the bereaved, and lessen the emotional burden that accompanies the visual imagery of funerals. And because flowers have a language of their own with a message hidden behind each of them, choosing the right flowers for a funeral or memorial can be a bit challenging if you’re not really sure about what they mean. While lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, gladioli, orchids, and roses are some of the most popular funeral flowers, they come in a variety of colors that are used to convey different things. So, if you’re wondering what color flowers are best for a funeral, we’ve compiled a list of the most suitable colors for funeral flowers along with their symbolic association to help you put together a beautiful and thoughtful flower arrangement when the time comes. Scroll down below to learn about different colors and explore tableclothsfactory’s impressive collection of realistic-looking artificial flowers to create long-lasting, beautiful floral displays.

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Evoking feelings of peace, innocence, purity, and honor, white is the traditional color for funeral flowers. It also represents the circle of life, new beginnings, and remembrance, thus white flowers are suitable for any and all kinds of funeral ceremonies. From artificial white roses and lilies to white carnations and orchid flower stems, there is a wide range of white-colored artificial flowers available on our online store to help you create long-lasting and beautiful floral arrangements that’ll honor the deceased in the best way possible.


Symbolizing spirituality, respect, and dignity, purple flowers are the perfect accent for funeral flower arrangements. You can create peaceful and soothing floral displays using white and purple flowers or you can pair them with pink flowers for a display that is more comforting and colorful. Including purple-colored blooms in sympathy flower bouquets is also a great way to show love and care to the family of the bereaved.


Pink signifies fresh beginnings, sympathy, and softness. Although often also associated with youth, femininity, and beauty, pink-colored flowers are a respectful option for both condolence flowers and floral displays at funerals and memorials. Thus, choose pink orchid flowers, pink roses, or pink carnations to symbolize remembrance and convey a message of appreciation and gratitude.


Yellow is commonly used to indicate hope, happiness, and cheerfulness, and is quite an unusual choice for funeral tributes. However, if you want to make the ceremony all about the celebration of life instead of mourning the passing, adding yellow-colored artificial flowers to the funeral floral arrangements can make people reminisce and cherish the happy moments and joyous times spent with the deceased.


Although red is usually associated with love, passion, and romance, it also represents respect and sorrow, making it a suitable color for funeral flowers. Red-colored flowers can be used to honor someone who had a real zest for life or can help represent the beauty and strength of the deceased while also adding a touch of vibrancy to the funeral ceremony. However, when it comes to picking the right flower type, red carnations, poppies, tulips, and roses are among the most commonly used red flowers at funerals.


Blue is a color of harmony, tranquility, stability, and honesty but at the same time, it can also be used to express deep condolences, grief, mourning, and hopes for the future. However, blue-colored fresh flowers don’t come by easy; therefore, we suggest you use blue artificial flowers for your funeral floral arrangements and condolence flowers.

Other than the kind of arrangement, the color and type of the flowers are two of the most important things to consider when creating floral arrangements for a funeral. For further information about mourning flowers, check out our blog on what flowers are suitable for a funeral, and feel free to ask any more questions related to the topic in the comments section below!

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