What Colors Are Good For Summer Wedding?

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Summer is an ideal time to indulge in outdoor activities like sightseeing, sunbathing, and taking part in picnics and weddings.  Long days, brief nights and never-ending fun make summer one of the most favorite season of all. No wonder people have bestowed summer with the title of the king of seasons and spring with the title of queen of seasons. It may be easy for you to decide to marry in the summer, but it is a tough call when it comes to deciding the right color palette for the summer wedding. If you intend to marry this summer, several queries may be crossing your mind like What colors are good for summer wedding? What are the rules and conditions to use them? Where to use them? What is the best wedding backdrop? And more! Here is a list of wedding color 2021 that will surely help you figure out the right color palette for your summer wedding.

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Use Orange, Red, Yellow for Optimism

Say goodbye to dowdy sweaters and other heavy dresses of winter and gather bright summer wedding dresses as summer is the epitome of life and brightness. Therefore, a summer wedding color scheme should necessarily have colors that spread cheerfulness. As red, yellow, and orange colors evoke positive feelings, these colors find a place in the wedding color 2021 trends. On the wedding day, girls can opt for dresses like red flower girl dress, yellow flower dress, and satin layered dress.

Pick Peach, Light Green, & Sky Blue for Open-air Wedding

Outdoors weddings are a common sight in summer. Take inspiration from the lovely hues of natural landscape that are spread everywhere to get ideas on what colors are good for summer wedding? For instance, a simple look at the green grass and trees full of different fruits and floral around you will provide you enough hints regarding the colors to use. Brighten up your wedding ceremony with our garden wall mat, green table runner, and grass panels. A shade of blue amidst the green looks mesmerizing. Create a mystic touch with our navy blue silk chrysanthemum flowers, royal blue hydrangea kissing balls, and light blue silk baby breath flowers. Add a touch of vibrancy to your summer wedding décor with cherry blossom hanging vines and peach tablecloths.

Create Idyllic Summer Wedding Color Arrangement with Aqua, Navy Blue, and Pale Cream

People love to indulge in summer fun by enjoying gushing waterfalls and foamy sea waves. It is time to take inspiration from such scenes and bring lively colors of blue and cream to your wedding scene. Drape your tables with a round blue tablecloth, satin table runner, and cheesecloth table runner. Keep going and provide the finishing touches to your wedding table decoration with the latest collection of centerpieces for 2021. Our transparent glass vases, cream floral placemats, and glass candle holders will serve the purpose. Artificial white calla lily flowers and calla lily string lights are other excellent options when we talk of wedding color 2021.

Choose Calm Colors for Nuptial Background

Gaudy colors, though important for a summer wedding, must not be overused as their abundance could spoil the whole event. Guests may not like the idea as bright and bold colors tend to add to the heat while cool and calm hues create a serene space. If you are still confused about what colors are good for summer wedding, choose contrasting colors of dark and light. A contrast of dark and light will help you strike the necessary balance and make your wedding stand out from others. To add a subtle touch to your wedding decoration, use a background of white wall panels and white arch décor. Choose our white curtain panels and adjustable wedding arch for the same.

Hopefully, the above-listed wedding color 2021 options have helped you resolve your query of what colors are good for summer wedding and will turn your summer wedding 2021 into a spectacular success.  

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