What Drapery Fabric Is Best For Wedding Arch?

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A wedding is all about excitement, sentiments, and of course a lot of planning. A wedding arch surrounds the couple in the most intimate way where they promise for a fun filled together forever journey. Additionally, an appealing backdrop can fill in a wonderful arrangement to catch the most cherished photographs of your special day. The innovation and modern trends have facilitated couples with some unique and stylish wedding arches that add a touch of class and exceptionality to their celebrations. If you want to be a trend setter with an exceptionally alluring display, then include hexagon wedding arch in your preferences. With a geometric formation and sturdy construction, the hexagon wedding arch gives you ample choices to embellish it with florals, greenery, candles, string lights, and of course flowy drapes to add a touch of sophistication and class to your ceremony. If you are wondering about what fabric is best for wedding arch to bring in the right flair and style to your wedding ceremony, fret not, as we have gathered some of the trendiest fabric ideas for you to decorate your wedding arch in the most magical way.

hexagon wedding arch

Hexagon Wedding Arch- The New Trend

A seamlessly adorned wedding arch not only makes the ambiance delightful and catchy but also surrounds the couple in the most fascinating way to click best moments of the day and carve lovely memories. Our stylish hexagon wedding arch perfectly grips balloons, flowers, garlands, string lights and fabrics. The six sided solid arch complements well with most fabrics by giving a natural drape effect and adds a dreamy touch to your nuptial.         

Chiffon- Chic With Magical Charm

The fabric with a dreamy flair and elegant folds is none other than classy chiffon. This divine fabric will surely take your wedding arch décor to the next level of magnificence and irresistible charm. Chiffon, being light in weight and flawless in texture, can be a best choice for your hexagon wedding arch. Moreover, it is feather light and translucent which make it stay intact in its place in a beautiful manner. We have a palette full of solid colors for you to choose as per your wedding aesthetics. Discover the wide variety or get it customized as per your desire to adorn your wedding arch in the trendiest way. For a more fanciful and sophisticated touch, pick our Double Layered Chiffon Backdrop Panels  and indulge yourself in the magic of royalty on your big day.

Organza and Tulle- Ideal Grace

Despite of its stiff and crisp texture, organza still enjoys top of the list status when it comes to opting for a drapery fabric for a wedding arch by wedding planners. What makes it the prior choice is its seamless sheen and luxurious lightweight that looks totally magical when swathed on a hexagon wedding arch. Either choose solid toned organza for a cohesive charm or opt for embroidered, patterned, sequined, or multi-toned organza to create a contrastive appeal at your event. Tulle, on the other hand combines sheer transparency with soft delicacy, just the perfect combo to style and swathe your wedding arch. Scatter sheen and magic with glittery dots peeking from our glitter organza or glitter tulle fabric bolts to add shine and shimmer to your wedding arch. Dress your wedding backdrop with Fire Retardant Sheer Organza Panels or Double Sided Sheer Tulle Panels for  glamor and gaze.

Shiny Metallic Spandex – Sheer Extravagance

Give an eye-catching and ravishing charm to your wedding arch with our flexible and sparkling Metallic Spandex Backdrop Panels. Being stretchy in texture and shiny in luster, draping your hexagon wedding arch will be super easy and quick. Exuding glitz and glam, this gorgeous fabric drape will add an imperial charm to your wedding space. Our Glittering Spandex Backdrop Panels work best for both day and night ceremonies, adding style and sparkle to your wedding arch décor.

Satin- Smooth & Sleek

Being smooth, silky, and luxuriously lustrous, satin has been a top choice of many couples when it comes to draping a wedding arch. Featuring wrinkle-free and naturally flowing texture, satin looks exceptionally elegant when draped on a hexagon wedding arch. Whether you choose solid colored satin or opt for embellished or patterned one, the outcome will truly be magical. Go for our stylish Double Drape Satin Backdrop and see how it emits imperial sheen and classic grace when adorned on your wedding arch.


So, here are some of the splendid fabric choices for you to highlight your hexagon wedding arch. Just by choosing the right fabric and adding other matching accessories, you can make your hexagon wedding arch look heavenly.  Do remember to share your preferred fabric choices in the comment section below.


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