Why December Is Perfect For Winter Weddings?

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When thinking about planning your wedding, you need to consider several factors to pick a date and month that suits you. From the weather to the venue and vendor availability, there are pros and cons to every month and season. Although spring and fall are the peak wedding seasons, planning your big day in September or June can get a little challenging, especially, if you’re having a wedding at a short notice or you’re working with a tight budget. This is why many couples are leaning towards throwing a winter wedding as there are definitely some perks of tying the knot in the off-season. But is December a good time to get married considering the chilly weather? Well, it certainly is! For starters, it is the best time of the year. The holiday season is at its peak and you have a lot of venue and vendor options open since the season isn’t over-run with weddings. You may even be able to bag a bargain on a venue that otherwise may have been out of your budget during the peak wedding season. Need a little more incentive? Just keep on reading to find more about the benefits of hosting a winter wedding!

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Get Your First-Pick Venue & Vendors

Most couples prefer to get married in late spring, early fall, or sometime during the summer and don’t even consider tying the knot in the winter months. So, if you plan your big day in December (or January), there will be fewer couples to compete with and you won’t have to wait for a couple of years to get an opening at the venue you have your heart set on. There is also a higher chance that your favorite vendors are available on your winter wedding dates, allowing you to have the wedding of your dreams!

Choose From Endless Decor Ideas

Winter is the time of the year when everything turns magical and whimsical and it’s a great opportunity to usher in the enchanting splendor into your wedding design. There are plenty of winter wedding ideas out there to inspire your creativity. For instance, if you and your partner are big on holidays, you can showcase your love for all things festive by incorporating holiday accents such as wreaths, lush greenery garlands, twinkling lights, shimmery flower balls, mirrored baubles, and Christmas trees into your wedding decorations to channel in the festive holiday spirit on your big day. However, if you love scenic snowscapes, a winter wonderland wedding theme should be your pick! Choosing accessories like clear acrylic chairs, white glittery Manzanita tree centerpieces, ice beads, crystal garlands & ceiling drapes, ice blue drapery, silver or white sequin table linens, blue wall washer lights, and fake snow powder can add a whimsical flair to your wedding day.

Curate A Distinctive Color Palette

When it comes to creating a unique color palette for your wedding, sorting through the seasonal colors definitely comes in handy, especially if you’re throwing a winter themed wedding. From vivid jewel tones and striking holiday-inspired colors to icy cool hues, there is a wide range of gorgeous shades you can feature in your wedding color story to take your winter wedding decorations up a notch! In case you’re going for a winter wonderland wedding, opt for shades of silver, gray, white, and blue as your wedding colors, whereas if you’re hosting a wedding around Christmas, then bright red and green with a splash of gold is the ideal color scheme for your holiday season wedding!

Winter Weddings Are Cheap

Because winter is a slower time of the year for weddings, vendors are a little more flexible with their pricing and many beautiful venues are available at a fraction of the price. You can add more fun elements to your wedding celebration to make it more exciting and memorable without going over your budget.

With all these perks and advantages, you surely want to consider throwing a winter wedding complete with dreamy decorations and an enchanting color scheme to make your affair extra special. Are you convinced that December is a good time to get married? Please share your thoughts and opinions about this blog in the comments section below!

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