What Is A Traditional Wedding Color Palette?

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A wedding ceremony looks and feels largely enlivening because of the loved ones gathered around you and the wedding décor established at the venue. And especially, the vibe of the ceremony gets elevated to a whole new level of grandeur purely because of the color tones involved in its décor setup. While many couples in the modern world of today opt for unique and whimsical color combinations to add a contemporary feel to their wedding décor, there is no denying the fact that traditional wedding colors never go out of fashion. So, what are traditional wedding colors? The color tones that are used generally in every wedding ceremony and that also gel well with other tones when used in decoration to eventually elevate the ambience of your wedding. And in order to get such amazing and colorful décor items for your wedding, visit Tableclothsfactory which offers you a plethora of premium products at the best prices. On that note, let us explore some creative ideas on how to make your big day a fabulous one using a traditional wedding color palette.

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Classy White Tones with Royal Blue Hues

While discussing the décor ideas for a nuptial, the wedding colors that pop up into everyone’s mind are the bold black and classy white tones which are also a significant feature of the attires of the bride and the groom. So, incorporating wedding color ideas that include a color tone that can gel well with white and black and also elevates the ambience will be wise. Speaking of which, the royal blue is a trendy and phenomenal color tone that can spruce up your wedding décor with flair and finesse. Use the White Rectangular Spandex Table Covers for the wedding tables or you can opt for the White Flamingo Petals Tablecloths as well, which will exude effortless grandeur. Pair with Royal Blue Satin Table Runners on the top to make the décor setup look completely chic. To add a touch of perfection to this wedding color scheme with elegance, drape the chairs with the White Universal Satin Chair Covers along with Royal Blue Spandex Chair Sashes that will leave your guests mightily impressed.

Subtle Dusty Blues and Pastel Pinks

The next wedding color scheme that can work out like a charm just like the white, black and blue alliance is that of subtle dusty blue color tones with pastel pink shades. The elegance and wonder these wedding colors exude when used in combination is a visual spectacle that will leave your guests speechless with their awe-inspiring beauty and splendiferous presence. Grace the stage festivities with balloon arches using gorgeous Dusty Blue Latex Balloons and Pastel Pink Latex Balloons. Use the balloon arches on both sides of the stage or either on one end and embellish the stage décor with Dusty Blue Artificial Dahlia Stems in alliance with Pink Artificial Real Touch Silk Flowers. The enticing flair and grace of these two pastels from the wedding color palette can bring in lots of praiseworthy appreciation from your guests.

Bold and Popping Red Tones with Gold and Yellow

Moving on from subtlety towards vibrancy in the wedding color palette gives us the amazing tones of red, gold, and yellow. The popping vibrancy in the ambiance you achieve while using these wedding colors is something that every single guest at your ceremony will relish beyond limits. Use the Red Tinsel Curtains for the stage and suspend stunning Paper Tissue Flower Balls in the front. Now, elevate this vibrant looking décor setup even more by adorning the roofs with the Gold Ceiling Drapes. The grandeur your get with the popping gold tones with red and yellow shades is sure to draw much appreciation from everyone gathered.


The ever-tested and tried traditional wedding colors have been ruling the wedding décor stage for decades but still, they are the cynosure of all eyes. The traditional wedding color palette is one thing that you can blindly choose when you are really not in a position to finalize your wedding décor color tones. Do comment your thoughts below about how else will you implement the traditional tones on your big day.

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