How To Pick A Wedding Theme?

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Wedding day is all about experiencing joy and looking forward to an exciting beginning of your life with your partner. The day has to be planned in the most intimate way as it will be cherished for all the beautiful years you both will be sharing as partners. The first step towards creating a splendid wedding is to understand how do you pick a wedding theme. Creating an integrated wedding aesthetics starts with selecting the right wedding color palette that reflects your personal style as a couple. A well-defined wedding color 2021 will be helpful in deciding the essential wedding specifics like wedding outfit, bridesmaid dress color, invites and over all arrangements and decor of the event. If you are looking for some options on how to choose the best wedding color theme that will augment your overall décor then keep on reading the latest trends and guidelines to pick the right wedding color 2021.

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The Most Adorable Color Palette!

Wedding themes emulate the true style and taste of you and your partner in terms of planning all the significant details of your big day. After all this day is purely meant for you so be confident and happy to choose the shade you love as your wedding color 2021. You have an entire range of colors to select from with the addition of your own vision to create your preferred wedding décor. It is all about finalizing the main color you both adore and the rest of the details will fall accordingly. Your wedding dress must be the one which enhances your beauty and best suits your skin tone. You are free to go either for the deep shades like pink, orange, or red or subtle hues like ivory or gold. If you are planning to go for a harmonized ambiance, just stick to your base color and enjoy playing with its various shades. Whether you opt for divergent shades or single statement color palette, just make sure you add class and vibrancy to your space to make your big day the most favorite day of your life     . 

Wedding Venue & Location:

After the vital task of approving the color theme, it’s now time to look for a lovely venue that takes your wedding theme to the next level. The site selection must cater your chosen color palette in such a way that it blends beautifully with your theme and over all décor. Thoughtfully selected venues are ideal in adding oomph factor to a wedding by highlighting the theme and wrapping up the overall décor in a beautiful surrounding. Even with the limited choice for your wedding venue, your creativity can do wonders in creating a perfect show. When thinking about choosing an alluring aisle runner for your statement entry, do add some candles and lanterns to brighten up your entry way. Flower garlands are the best choice to blend with your color palette for your garden inspired wedding theme. For a quick and easy venue transformation add some faux greenery like lush leaf garlands that have their own beauty and magic. In order to decide your preferred venue, just make sure your decorations and choices harmonize accordingly to create a perfect venue for your big day.              

Consider The Season!

Undoubtedly, few colors pop out well when used in accordance with the season. No matter what season you choose to celebrate your big day, you have unlimited choices of colors, themes, and over all décor. Pulsating and cheerful shades are ideal in creating a signature fall wedding. To create a whimsical wedding backdrop, dangle rose gold and purple flower balls which surely add the dreamy look to your décor. Table décor with ivory plates and emerald green napkins will be the best choice for your winter wedding celebrations. Go for some cool decorations by embellishing your tables with rose gold table runner and lavender chair sashes for a spring inspired wedding decor. Toning your wedding aesthetics with your wedding season will make your special day preparations much easier, giving your space a fresh yet seasonal feel.


Your wedding theme sketches the overall look of your big day by creating innovative opportunities for the rest of the details to fall in place with beauty and grace. You are open to social platforms for new ideas but remember nothing would work best other than the touch of your personal choice, your most favored preferences and your unique relationship. From discovering your most ideal hue and choosing the perfect venue to getting inspiration from the season, choose a theme that will make you both smile with confidence on your big day and let your story be remembered for all the beautiful years yet to come. Share your unique ideas in the comment section below.  

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