What Is A Wedding Wishing Well Box?

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Placing a wedding wishing well box in marriages has gained quite some popularity in the recent years but there might still be some guests or people who will ask what is a wedding wishing well box? To them we can say that a wedding wishing well box can be anything from a fancy looking box to a simple basket or even a wooden crate kept at marriage ceremonies by the couple in order to get monetary gifts and wedding wishes. The wedding wishing well box is symbolic representation from the couple wedding each other stating that they do not expect any conventional gifts.  This is why the range of charming and alluring box varieties at tableclothsfactory will take care of your needs. 

Wedding Wishing Well box

What Does It Signify?

The wedding wishing well box’s purpose is to replace the traditional gifts but what is a wedding wishing well box signifying? Well, wedding wishing well boxes are mostly used in the weddings of couples who do not need conventional or traditional gifts but rather accept monetary presents and wedding wishes such as wishing cards. This signifies that monetary presents will be really helpful for them in the next lovely yet important stage of their lives. But the wedding wishing well box doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be only money related gifts but can also be wedding wishing cards, wedding quotes and even poems.

Meaningful yet Creative

The wedding wishing well box is a meaningful accessory signifying a purpose that is used in most marriage ceremonies and at some baby showers as well. Many readymade Wishing Well boxes are available in market but with little creativity and loads of love, you can create most magical Wedding Wishing Well all by yourself that will reflect your style statement. Having said that, our Silver Mirror Finish Acrylic Pedestal Risers Display Boxes with Interchangeable Lid and Base can work double time as wedding wishing well box when adorned with the blush and rose gold organza ribbon with satin edges and the pink scented rose soap party favor stuck on top. This design combination of the wedding wishing well box glimmers with elegance or if you’re a person who expects something royal, then try Gold Mirror Finish Acrylic Pedestal Risers - Display Boxes with Interchangeable Lid and Base with floral trim rhinestone self-adhesive diamond stickers stuck around them and tied around with royal blue satin ribbon into a knot. The wishing well box will gleam with royal touch and will look lovely gelling well with the other wedding décor. To add some rustic natural touch to the marriage ceremony, our natural wood planter boxes or the vintage looking crates can be chosen as they ooze woodsy farmhouse flair to the marriage ceremony. Stick our Rhinestone Sticker Letters and Numbers or Foil Sticker Letters to write customized messages, or use our Chalk Markers in fancy colors for a pretty personalized touch. When it comes to the wedding wishing well box it is all about how creatively interesting they look and hence it can involve lots of ideas and design work going in.

Size Doesn’t Matter But Designs And Creativity Do

As creative and colorful they can look is the major contributing factor and so sizes and shapes do not matter. They don’t have to be necessarily in a designated shape as any shape would make them alluring and captivating when they are given extravagant and lavish artistic designing touches. The couple can decide how big a wedding wishing well box they might need based on the attendance of the crowd to accommodate wedding wishing cards with quotes, poems and congratulatory messages inside the wedding wishing well box.

We would be really glad to know more creative ideas from you about decorating wedding wishing well boxes in the section below.

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