What is The Purpose Of a Unity Candle At a Wedding?

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There is no denying the fact, that candles are a great way to brighten up a wedding venue, they symbolize love and warmth and instantly create a romantic ambiance that a wedding demand. Apart from beautifying the venue with their immense glow, these flickering candles have some customary and conventional value too, and wedding unity candles are one such example. A unity candle ceremony is a wonderful concept, where the union of two individuals and their families is depicted in a beautiful and charismatic manner. Wedding unity candles are a recent addition to many modern weddings, but there are still many who are unaware of the fact that,‘’What is the purpose of a unity candle at a wedding?’’Is it just a new trend that everybody is following, or does it have any symbolic meaning? So, if you are considering using wedding unity candles, read along and find about the symbolic and possible uses of these wedding unity candles before you infuse them into your wedding.

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Know the Objective!

If you are truly in love with this tradition and want it to be a must have part of your wedding, then first know the objective of using wedding unity candles in a wedding. Lighting wedding unity candles is often misunderstood, it has nothing to do with any particular faith, but they do have some symbolic meaning. These wedding unity candles are symbolic to the unity of bride & groom, their families and different religious beliefs that they follow. Just like in the name, wedding unity candles are all about getting ‘’united’’,although they can be used for a variety of purposes, but they always emphasize on the combining of two individuals into a one bond. The couples who wish to have a public display of their love and sentiment mostly opt for a wedding unity candles celebration.


Selection Of Unity Candles!

The wedding unity candles are an amazing and true addition in many modern wedding ceremonies. They are presented in a unique way and have a certain style and type; means you can’t pick any random candle for a wedding unity candles ceremony. Wedding unity candles are round or square taper candles, that can later be beautify with other trimmings to look more appealing. Typically, wedding unity candles consist of two thin taper candles and one large pillar candle and are in ivory or white in color. While looking for some high-quality wedding unity candles, don’t forget to check our beautiful collection of burning tapers along with flameless taper candles that will be an ideal and practical choice for your outdoor weddings and even for indoor venues that ban flames.


Arrangement Of Unity Candles!

Illumination of wedding unity candles is the highlight of any wedding; it is a symbolic act that exhibits the individuals coming together into one unit as well as joining of the two distinct families into one merged family. While arranging these wedding unity candles for the ceremony, the same idea is put forward, where three taper candles are set as wedding unity candles. A large taper candle standing in the middle coupled with two thin taper candles on the sides, represents the joining of two people in the bond of marriage. The couple believes that the brightness of these wedding unity candles will shine throughout in their lives and will give them courage and reassurance in the darkest of times.


How Is It Executed!

Wedding unity candles ceremony is a lovely traditional wedding event where not just the couple but their families also play an important role. The traditional way of starting this act is just before exchanging the vows, when the bride and groom’s mothers or any family member light the thin flickering candles. Just before exchanging the rings the couple takes each candle and lights the middle tall taper candle together, indicating the two people who are developing a new identity as a couple now. By lighting the single wedding unity candles and leaving the tall taper candle burn, the pair obliges to respect their individual selves, distinctiveness and independence.


Unity wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the most beautiful and memorable part of any wedding ceremony. With all the above-mentioned details about wedding unity candles, we hope that now you are fully aware about,‘’What is the purpose of a unity candle at a wedding?’’So, was this article useful? Do let us know in the box below and don’t forget to explore our collection of taper candles.

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