Winter Wonderland Decor Ideas To Ooze Wintery Vibes!

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With the temperature dropping down and sky showering those fluffy soft balls upon us, be prepared for the most fascinating and enchanting time of the year. Yes winter is finally here with all its glory! Filling your hearts with joy, warmth and hope, winter is the season of festivities and togetherness. This year’s journey was not easy for any of us but we still managed to pass this difficult time without losing our spirits. So, let’s bid a cheerful farewell to 2020 with the same zeal and zest by bringing all the positivity inside our humble abodes. Turn your homes into a winter haven by bringing the warmth inside and make it look and feel festive and inviting. Spread the magic of winter all around by giving your homes a magical winter wonderland decor. Winter decor is an embodiment of Christmas, so adorn your home with all the Christmassy winter accents and fascinate your guests in the most mesmerizing way. From riveting winter setups to whimsical centerpieces and table decor, get inspired by our quirky winter wonderland decor ideas and bring the magic of the winter season into your homes.

Timeless Winter Centerpieces!

Christmas is just around the corner that means it’s time to give some extra decor to our homes to make them look festive. Sprinkle the magic of Christmas by creating some easy yet highly-jovial winter wonderland decor. Revel in the Christmas spirit by crafting some sparkling and gleaming winter wonderland centerpieces and ooze festive winter vibes all around. Incorporate the snowy splendor into your indoor winter wonderland decor by setting a white sequin fabric bolt dusted with snow powder, imitating real snow and add a dash of snowy winters into your winter wonderland centerpiece. Unleash your artistic soul by crafting lovely snowflakes out of our Styrofoam flats and pair them with silver mirror balls to exude a shimmering and glistening allure. Moreover, illume the whole space with silver tea light candles and create a glamorous centerpiece with dazzling accents to make a striking statement.

Winter wonderland decor

Bring a festive Christmassy charm into your winter wonderland decor by crafting some lovely wreaths as they are symbolic Christmas accents. Give an open flow to your creative soul by crafting star shaped wreaths and make your winter wonderland decor stand out. To begin with, choose our metal hoop wreath as base and innovatively arrange our real touch eucalyptus & boxwood leaves green artificial garland vines in star shape. Highlight the winter splendor by sprinkling some snow powder over it and hang these cheerful wreaths on your living room walls to give your home a perfect winter wonderland feel. Set another rustic woodsy winter wonderland centerpiece by beautifully covering our wooden slice with burlap fabric roll and fix a small Christmas tree atop. Dust a bit of snow powder over it to make it look more real and set this simple yet classic winter wonderland centerpiece atop your coffee tables and impart a dramatic dose of festive Christmas magic all around your space.

winter wonderland decor

Infuse Christmas flair all around your home by crafting some amazing winter wonderland centerpieces and turn your homes into an emblem of fun and festivity. To create a winter wonderland of holiday happiness, add idyllic decorative winter accents and boost the impact of your winter wonderland decor up a notch. Play around with winter snow and glittering accents to give a true festive feel to your winter wonderland centerpieces. Start off by setting the base with fake fluffy snow made out of our snow powder and sprinkle some shimmer and glimmer by arranging gold & silver mirror balls, gold pearl beads, gold leaves and gold painted pine cones atop the snowy base. Furthermore, position some fake ferns along with our decorative tray festively filled with Rose gold mirror balls and take your winter wonderland decor to another level of elegance and class.

winter wonderland decor

Ingeniously highlight the overall look of your winter wonderland decor by injecting all the festive Christmas elements and lift the spirits of everyone around. Add glorious dimensions and heights into your winter wonderland centerpieces by placing multiple decorative accents and ooze oodles of elegance and panache into your winter wonderland decor. To begin with, festively place some pine cones along with fake ferns, red roses and some white painted barks, tied with red satin cord and showcase your winter wonderland centerpiece in the most cheerful way. Create an enticing winter wonderland arrangement by illuming your space with metal lantern beautifully nestled with LED candle, assorted potpourri vase filler and some other winter accents. Turn your indoor winter wonderland decor into an enchanting and magical affair by giving your home a magnificent diy winter wonderland decor and breathe life into an entirely festive atmosphere.  

winter wonderland decor

Welcoming Christmas Bedroom Decor!

While spreading the winter wonderland charm into your home, don’t forget to give your bedroom a cozy and festive feel. Add those perfect Christmassy touches into your personal sanctuary by playing with winter whites and give yourself the most pleasing sight right from the time you start your day. Bring a snow-dusted feel into your room by covering the walls with white peel & stick wall stickers and hang a festive wreath in the middle to imbue festive charm. Pick our twig wreath and adorn it with artificial eucalyptus & boxwood garland and fairy lights to create a twinkling magical winter wonderland effect. Rather than decorating a traditional Christmas tree this year, adorn your bedroom’s corner with some festive luminaries and enchant the whole ambiance. Think creative this time by gathering some large dry branches from your yard and spray paint them in white and embellish them with silver, gold and red mirror balls along with fairy lights. Turn on the lights to see what magic this simple yet whimsical winter wonderland decor will cast all around your bedroom.

winter wonderland decor

Winter White Christmas Tablescape!

While hosting a grand Christmas dinner or a small family get together give your home a spectacular winter wonderland decor. Gather your friends and family around a ravishing Christmas table dressed up in a white polyester tablecloth paired with a blue lace table runner in the middle. Imbue sparkling shades of silver with winter whites into this tablescape by opting for our white plates and pair them with silver cutlery and flutes to exude an enticing winter allure. For a tantalizing Christmas decor adorn these plates with silver pearl beads, silver leaves, and customized LED candles and place a nicely folded white polyester napkin elegantly tied with ivory satin cord. Sprinkle the sparkling magic by scattering some of these along with Manzanita tree, candles, apothecary jar filled with sweets and some of your favorite Christmas decorations on the table and give your winter wonderland decor a charismatic flair. Make a swoon-worthy winter wonderland decor by placing your highly-decorated white Christmas tree along with a festive white fireplace mantel decor and feel festive and cheerful.


winter wonderland decor

As you can see, our winter wonderland decor packs a winter appeal thanks to the beautiful hues and all the elegant season-appropriate accents paired with a splash of silver and gold imbuing the much-needed glam and warmth. Did our winter wonderland decor ideas inspire you to take things up a notch this year? Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below!

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