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The magic of Christmas is in the air and now is the perfect time to get started with your merry and bright Christmas decorations to spread the jolly festive cheer all around. While you may have things like decking the halls and trimming the tree with gleaming lights and ornaments on your mind, we’re here to tell you that Christmas table decorations are just as important if not more! Because why should only a few spaces of your house get all the fun, right? Whether you’re planning to invite a few guests over to share a lavish feast or you want to bring the holiday enchantment to life, we’ve arranged a glorious tablescape to help you prepare a merry spread. Striking a perfect balance between extravagance and elegance, our Christmas dinner table decorations feature a glamorous color palette and stunning accents which makes it even more special and festive. Do you want to know more about our posh and classy holiday table decor? Watch the setup video and photos and scroll down below to read how exactly we managed to arrange an upscale Christmas table that is bound to get Santa’s attention!


Considering that Christmas is one of those holidays that have many traditions embedded deep into its roots, playing around with a classic color palette made perfect sense. But because red and green is not the only color pairing that can evoke that oh so merry spirit, we decided to forgo the green in favor of bold gold hues. Thus, we have given a luxurious drape to our table with our plush deep red velvet tablecloth layering a sparkling metallic gold sequin table runner on top. Bedazzled with a ton of shimmering gold sequins, our sequin runner not only looked majestic when laid flat against the soft velvet table linen but also added an alluring textural element to our Christmas dining table decor. In case you want to further elevate your table aesthetics, you can also gather your runner along the middle of the table to add another layer of textural appeal to your festive tablescape.

Christmas dining table decor

Table Centerpieces

As soon as the foundation for our Christmas tablescape was ready, it was time to move on to the centerpieces. Since any festive dinner table decor calls for more than one centerpiece, we settled on displaying a trio of centerpieces on our Christmas table for a riveting posh allure. Since nothing can hold a candle to gorgeous floral arrangements, we decided to bedeck our table with a couple of lovely flower vase centerpieces. Thus, we have opted for our chic gold crackle glass vases as the base for our Christmas table flower arrangements. Given that red is Santa’s favorite shade, we bunched up some luscious deep red artificial chrysanthemums and burgundy silk peonies along with a few cream silk roses which stylishly offset the rich jewel tones. Moreover, as you can see in the video, we also incorporated a bunch of frosted foliage sprays into the floral mix which not only beautifully cushioned the blooms but also brought a refreshing flair to our floral Christmas table centerpieces.

Christmas dining table decor

As for the main centerpiece, we decided to make our table shine bright with a glowing candleholder centerpiece. But with our store brimming with an exquisite variety of decorative candleholders, it might be a little challenging to decide on any one. Although any gold candleholder would have worked just fine for our red and gold Christmas table decorations, we suggest that you follow our example and use our ornate lace design gold tall candle holders in varying heights for that extra oomph. These highly decorative candleholders which come with amber-colored hurricane glass tubes oozed a soft and subtle radiance when we housed our fluttering ivory-colored LED pillar candles inside fostering a celebratory mood.

Christmas dining table decor

Additional Table Decorations

For a setup that is evocative and soothing, we knew we had to bring a dose of nature to our Christmas tablescape. Hence, we drew inspiration from the woodsy forest and zigzagged a faux boxwood leaf garland around the showpieces. While the addition of the evergreen and lush garland brought an outdoorsy charm to our Christmas table, the natural and white dusted pine cones that were staggered around the table runner injected a wondrous wintery feel into our holiday tablescape. If you feel that your table still has a lot of empty spots, feel free to fill them up with your leftover Christmas ornaments as long as they complement the color story.

Christmas dining table decor

Table Setting

Once the tabletop decorations were complete, laying out the place settings was next on the agenda. For the dinnerware, we were looking for intricately designed chargers that would infuse a dramatic opulence into our Christmas table setting. Hence, we have coupled our silver and gold braided rim glass charger plates with white dinner plates with gold rims on top along with a set of gold silverware and gilded flutes positioned on the side for a harmonized appeal. However, when it came to picking napkins, we didn’t look any further than our deep red satin napkins and styled them with silver diamond rhinestone napkin rings which have beautifully tied all our elegant Christmas table settings together.

Christmas dining table decor

Backdrop and Ceiling Decor

Although our Christmas table was brimming with glorious accents and statement decorations, the plain and unadorned backdrop was a letdown. In order to elevate our aesthetics up a notch, we decided to drape our dual layered chiffon and polyester backdrop curtains on a heavy duty backdrop stand creating a graceful background for our tablescape. To be honest, we had been waiting to use our newly arrived long crystal beaded ceiling drape curtains and Christmas was just the right time to break it out. Thus, we have further embellished the backdrop and ceiling with our glimmering beaded drape that has added a gorgeous focal point to our dining space.

Christmas dining table decor

This regal red and gold Christmas table decor is classy, modish, and downright festive. And we assure you straying from a red and green color palette will not land you on the naughty list! Did our set up inspire you to get creative with festive colors? Share your thoughts and opinions about our elegant Christmas table decorations in the comments section below!

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