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  • Popular and Unique Wedding Color Combinations

    Popular and Unique Wedding Color Combinations


    It’s been of year of colors when it comes to wedding trends, everything from bright and bold to soft and sophisticated. We have seen a whole palette of colors used in this year’s wedding season. Planning your own wedding is hard enough and finding that perfect color combination can be the worst. We’re to help you find color combinations that you will love for your wedding, for everything from bridesmaid’s dresses to wedding linens and more. Bold Combos: Fuchsia and Turquoise Purple and Orange Turquoise and Yellow Red and Light Blue Classy Combos: Champagne and light Pink Brown and Gold Black and Silver Silver and Pink or Lavender Modern Combos: Purple and Blue Orange, Red and Brown Green and Pink Navy, Orange and Khaki These are just some of the many color combinations we have seen at many wedding and even other events this past year. If you’re planning your wedding in the next year, take some hints to use some pops of color throughout your wedding, whether it’s centerpieces, wedding table overlays or in the favors. Have fun with your colors, and don’t be afraid to use bright bold colors. Let your personality shine with the right color combination for your wedding decor. What colors are you planning for your upcoming wedding?

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  • Olympics Themed Party Ideas

    Olympics Themed Party Ideas

    party decoration

    After four long years of waiting, we are excited for the 2012 Olympics to finally be here. We have enjoyed watching the US in many different events from gymnastics, basketball, track, swimming and many more. It’s so much fun to gather around the big screen and route for team USA. It’s so much fun that we thought it’d be a great opportunity to invite a few friends, or more, over for an Olympics themed party. We have a number of ideas that are great for both kids and adults. To keep the kids occupied you can create Olympics inspired games in the back yard such as hurdles, long jump, track races, and more. Don’t forget to have metals for the winners and a podium for great pictures. When it’s time to eat, why not try some different foods from around the world. Choose a few countries to have food from. Have some pasta from Italy, a burger from the US, some hibachi from Japan, or anywhere else you would like to try their local cuisine. For dessert, life savers or m&ms look great on iced cupcakes as the Olympic rings, or you can make sugar cookies to look like the Olympic rings. Don’t forget the decor, we’re talking red, white and blue tablecloth overlays, gold and silver pintuck napkins, and much more. You can stick with red, white and blue or make a colorful party with all the colors from the Olympic rings. Whichever color scheme you choose, shop for affordable tablecloths and table overlays that you can use again and again. How would you decorate your Olympics themed party?

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  • How to Use Tablecloths to Make a Baby Shower Stand Out

    How to Use Tablecloths to Make a Baby Shower St...

    Baby Shower Decorations Table Linens

    Whether you are throwing a baby shower for your sister, friend, daughter or coworker, you can always spice up the shower with some tablecloths from It doesn’t matter whether it’s a formal affair or casual get together, there are still ways in which a few tablecloths or table overlays can go a long way. Theme isn’t a concern either. We offer over 20 colors in many of our tablecloths, allowing you to choose one that perfectly matches the decor of your chosen theme. For a casual get together, just pick up a few tablecloths for the important areas, such as the gift table, the food tables and the tables with favors or prizes. That way you don’t have to spend so much of your budget, while still giving it a stylish look with a few of the tables in beautiful tablecloths. From there you can choose how formal or casual to go depending on the drop of the tablecloth and the material you choose. As for a more formal baby shower, we have gorgeous organza overlays and even embroidered organza table runners and overlays that will give the event a more formal, sweet and light feel with a beautiful light organza material, perfect for a sweet and delightful baby shower. Once again you can choose how formal to dress the event with possible chair covers and sashes, table runners, tables skirts, charger plates, etc. Make the shower you’re throwing a memorable event for both mom-to-be and guests. No matter how you choose to fancy it up, just remember that you don’t have to break the bank to add a little style and class to the baby shower. Shop for a wide selection and colors of tablecloths, overlays, runner, chair covers, sashes and more, all at the lowest prices. Make it a day you will be proud to look back on by adding a touch a class with tablecloths or overlays form How did you make a baby shower you planned extra special or stylish?

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  • Tips on How to Properly Store Your Tablecloths

    Tips on How to Properly Store Your Tablecloths

    Table Linens

    Once you have selected the perfect tablecloths for your wedding, event or just everyday use, the next step is how to best store them before you use them again. It’s important to properly care for your tablecloths, even when deciding storage options, so that they can be used for many more events in the future, even passed on through generations. We have some helpful tips on how to properly store your tablecloths and other linens. Always dry clean or wash your linens before storing. Some stains may not be visible to the eye, but can still attract various types of bugs, even mildew. However, after washing, take extra care to be sure that all the detergent is rinsed from the linens or tablecloths, as it could possibly cause the item to deteriorate while it’s being stored. Make sure your item is completely dry before storing, as moisture can cause mildew to occur while it is being stored. Store your tablecloths and linens somewhere that is cool, dry and well ventilated. It is also suggested to store your linens wrapped between acid-free tissue paper. Do not use normal tissue paper as it can cause the items to yellow over time. Wooden shelves, cardboard boxes and plastic bags can also cause yellowing, so avoid those as well. The best method however, is to store your linens hanging on padded hangers. This will keep any wrinkles and creases from forming and should allow the items to breathe, given there is enough room between each hanging item. Avoid metal hangers as they can leave rust marks. It’s also a good idea to keep your tablecloths and linens neatly organized so you can easily find what you need each and every time and aren’t left wrinkling or refolding all your linens every time you need to find the correct tablecloth. We hope these tips are helpful and will help you to keep your tablecloths and linens looking new for many more events and years to come! What tips do you have for properly storing tablecloths?

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  • Wedding Linens from That Fit Your Personality

    Wedding Linens from That...

    event decor Table Linens wedding

    Your wedding is a day all about you and your fiancé. So every part of it should match your personalities. That includes the ceremony, reception, decor, favors and even the wedding linens. We’re here to help! At we have a huge selection of linens that we directly manufacture in a number of colors, sizes, styles and designs. You’ll be sure to find the wedding linens for your big day that match your personality. Wild Child – If you want a wedding that will always be memorable in guests’ minds, you can choose from our wide selection of brightly colored wedding linens. We also have animal print linens such as zebra, leopard, and tiger patterns. Classically Chic Chick – If you want your wedding to be a classic event that is sure to impress guests, and also be understated, we have a gorgeous selection of taffeta and organza overlays and chair sashes that are perfect. They come in a variety of colors like champagne and gold to add a traditional and chic look to any event. Lovely Lady – If you like things that are simple and beautiful, you will love our embroidered organza tablecloths and overlays. They are a beautiful way to add a slight color to your tables and also a unique and natural pattern with the flowing vine design. Modern Maiden – If you like sleek lines, fun colors and simple designs, you’ll love the many colors we offer in our tablecloths and chair covers. You’ll especially love our selection of spandex tablecloths that can give a modern and one of a kind look to any table. No matter what your style and personality, you’re sure to find the perfect wedding linens, chair covers, chair sashes, overlays, napkins and more here at We want to not only give you what you want, but at the lowest price possible. Shop with us today for the best selection and prices of linens for your big day!

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  • How to Determine the Right Size Tablecloth for Your Table

    How to Determine the Right Size Tablecloth for ...

    Table Linens

    When you’re having an event, whether it’s a big formal wedding, or just a small family gathering, to everything in between, you need the right size tablecloths for your tables. The worst feeling is putting the tablecloths on the day of the event to find that they barely fit the table, or hang over way too far. Don’t add any unnecessary stress to the event with a mishap like that! Follow our simple guidelines to how to pick the perfect size tablecloth for your table, whether round or rectangular. How to Determine the Right Size Tablecloth: 1. Measure your table from end to end on all sides, length and width, in both inches and centimeters.  For a round table, you will just need the diameter of the table. Some vendors will display them in the different measurements, so be sure you have both! 2. Know how many leaves you are using during your event or party so that you have the correct measurements. It is common to place 2 or 3 leaves in your table when having company over, so be sure your measurements are for the table size you will be using the day of the event. 3. Allow 8 to 10 inches from either end to allow for table skirting. For a more formal setting, such as for wedding linens, a longer drop of 12 to 18 inches will give a more luxurious feeling. 4. Once you determine the amount of drop you would like, multiply it by 2 for each side, and add it to the diameter or both length and width of your table. You would use the below equation for both the width and length. Table Length + (Drop X 2) = Your desired Tablecloth Length 5. If you want your rectangular tables to be covered to the floor, the tablecloth should have rounded corners so there isn’t any extra fabric bunched in the corners. 6. Double check the care instructions for the fabric you are purchasing your tablecloth in, as some materials are easier to care for, while others may shrink in the washer and dryer, causing you to need a tad more length then you imagined. Now that you know exactly how to determine the perfect size tablecloth, you will never have to get frustrated again when it comes to purchasing the wrong size. Our biggest tip is to double and triple check your measurements or calculations! Also, make sure you try the tablecloths on the event tables days before the event, if there is a problem you will have plenty of time to find a replacement or solution to the problem. Visit for a wide selection of tablecloths, table overlays, chair sashes and much more!

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  • Ways to Reuse Old or Ruined Tablecloths

    Ways to Reuse Old or Ruined Tablecloths

    Table Linens

    Tablecloths are a lifesaver; they keep our tables protected from messes or scratches. They also are a great way to add some style and sophistication to any event, perfect for holidays or dinner parties. However, since they do take such a beating, they don’t always last as long as we would like. Some get stains on them that you can’t get out while others get tears or pulls. Either way, a number of tablecloths often end up in the garbage or in the donation pile. Don’t let your old or used tablecloths go to waste. We have some wonderful and creative ways to breathe new life into your old tablecloths. Tablecloths can easily be reused as picnic cloths outdoors, or kept in your car in case you need to change a tire, even for beach trips to lay all the food out on. Simple uses for tablecloths with a pair of scissors and some thread include cleaning rags, kitchen dishtowels, napkins, place mats, pot holders, even curtains or valances for small windows. If large enough, they can even be used for the backing of a quilt, or just pieces of a quilt. If you start thinking creatively and are more experienced with a needle and thread, you could even make a purse, apron, reusable grocery bags, or even baby bibs. If you like to craft, you can use your old tablecloths to make small embellishments like flowers, or even use them to cover the front of journals, scrapbooks or photo-albums. You can even take your holiday tablecloths and turn them into a brand new stocking. You can treat tablecloths the same as any piece of fabric you would have around the house to create clothes, house items, decorations and more. Make the world a greener place by keeping unwanted tablecloths out of the landfills and save yourself money by creating new items out of an old tablecloth. Your imagination is your only boundary when it comes to the many ways to reuse your old tablecloths. What have you ever made out of an old tablecloth?

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  • Tips for Removing Stains in Tablecloths

    Tips for Removing Stains in Tablecloths

    Table Linens

    Tablecloths can take a beating, especially those that are used day in and day out. But even holiday tablecloths can be ruined in a moment with the spill of a glass of red wine. Don’t let a simple accident ruin a family heirloom or beloved tablecloth. To keep your tablecloths lasting as long as possible, we have some great tips for removing stains on tablecloths. There are many different products that can be used to help remove stains, our tips use general household ingredients, no fancy products. Before washing, be sure to remove any excess liquid or food from the tablecloth. Then clean it by hand with a mild detergent to see if the stain can be removed. Let it air dry, do not dry it in an electric dryer, as it will allow the stain to set in. If the hand wash showed some progress, you can repeat the process to hope for further results. The second step if the stain is still visible after two hand washings, is to soak the stained section in bowl of white vinegar. The white vinegar bath would consist of 1 tablespoon of vinegar for every quart of warm water. Soak it for one hour, but check the stain every 10 minutes to prevent damaging the tablecloth permanently. If step one and two are still not effective, you can move on to more evasive measures.  Use a similar mixture as step 2, but replace the vinegar with bleach. Use this mixture only on the area of the stain. Then place it flat in the sun to assist the bleaching process. Check on the stain’s progress about every 15 minutes. The sun can discolor the other parts of the tablecloth, so be sure to keep a close eye on it. These tips are especially helpful on antique tablecloths in which the stain may have already set in. If the last and final step does not completely remove the stain, and if is still pretty visible, you may want to find a way to reuse the tablecloth for other items in your home. Visit out blog next week for some easy and creative ways to reuse old or ruined tablecloths! How do you get stains out of your tablecloths or other linens?

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