108" Polyester Tablecloths


108" Polyester Tablecloths

As an established event planner, you might find your work incomplete without a bunch of durable standard-sized universal-style linens, which will save many events without losing their brand-new appearance. Make no mistake, our 108-inch round tablecloth collection is what you need. Made from sturdy polyester, our 108-inch round tablecloth – white, black, blush, red, or whatever you find suitable – is machine-washable, making it perfect for extensive use.

Whenever you’re looking to add more formality into your celebration, you shouldn’t look any further than our white polyester round tablecloth, ivory polyester round tablecloth, or black polyester round tablecloth – spread one of these linens atop your table and transform your plain tables into royal tablescapes. In case you need something red rose-inspired but easier on your eyes than a 108" round rosette tablecloth, we are at your service with our red polyester round tablecloth and burgundy polyester round tablecloth. Meanwhile, our round checkered tablecloth will surprise you with its sophisticated simplicity.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that it is hard to find a high-grade 108-inch round tablecloth, inexpensive enough to leave plenty of room in your decoration budget. Whether you need a gingham 108" round polyester tablecloth, white 108" round tablecloth, or 108" burgundy table cover, our polyester collection will cater to your “linen” needs!

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