15" & 17" Polyester Napkins


15" & 17" Polyester Napkins

You can skip a tablecloth, chair sashes, or candles, but napkins are a must wherever food is served. If you need one-size-fits-all napkins that will beautify many of your events, look no further than our collection of 15” & 17” polyester napkins. Due to the exceptional properties of polyester, these napkins are machine-washable and wrinkle-free.

Available in 30 different shades, our polyester cloth napkins can become an integral part of any ensemble of colors. Thus, whenever you need something discreet and official, our white polyester linen napkins and black polyester linen napkins will be a safe bet. 

In case you are looking for something bolder than our black and white polyester napkins, make no mistake – our fuchsia polyester linen napkins, terracotta polyester linen napkins, red polyester linen napkins, and other bright-colored 17 x 17 polyester napkins will definitely win your heart. Are you looking to surprise everyone with your knowledge of trends? You can accommodate your guests with our coral polyester linen napkins (coral is Pantone’s color of the year 2019)!     

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to make our customers happier. If less washing, ironing, and buying new napkins is exactly what makes you happy, you can tuck all your worries away with our high-quality yet inexpensive polyester napkins. Whether you need red, white, coral, burgundy, or navy blue polyester napkins, please don’t pass by our 15” & 17” Polyester Napkins collection!




1. Do you wash cloth napkins after every use ?

Ans: There are no set rules as to whether reusable napkins should be washed every time they are used. You can wash them after each use if you're the type of person who likes to use clean cloth napkins every day to ward off germs, or you can choose to keep using them for a few days or even a week before washing them.

However, the best advice we can give you is to check your polyester cloth napkins wholesale after every meal and refer to the information below to guide you in making such a crucial decision.

  • A good rule of thumb is that linen napkins should be washed directly if anyone other than family members has used the napkins to wipe their mouths to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Clearly, there's no need to wash cloth napkins if you're only using them for decoration and removing them from the table once everyone in the family is seated.
  • Your napkins are likely to get dirty if you eat foods with sauces. However, if you and your guests used forks and knives for dinner, you may not even have touched your napkins. Cloth napkins can sometimes just be placed on a person's lap and forgotten about. There is no need to wash them immediately after use in this condition.
  • You generally don't need to wash them after a single use if you've used darker-colored napkins and your dinner didn't include messy food. The same applies if the napkins have patterns like checkered napkins.
  • Nobody wants to use a cloth napkin that has been dirty or has a strange smell from previous meals. As soon as you see stains, they can automatically go into the washing machine.

2. How big are cloth napkins ? 

Ans: Cloth napkins come in a variety of sizes to accommodate various occasions and dining settings. While the style and formality of your menu will help in choosing the right napkin size, personal preference can also be a deciding factor. Keep in mind, however, that larger napkins are often needed if you want to wow your guests with intricately folded napkins.

Forks, knives, and spoons can be placed under a 16” or 18” long medium cloth napkin on a smaller table. However, for larger tables, a 20”, 21”, or even 22” fabric napkin can be folded to cover silverware. These large table napkins can also be folded elaborately and placed in the middle of the plate for a banquet or dinner party.

For luncheons and casual gatherings where you want to impart a more relaxed vibe, 15” and 17” polyester napkins are most ideal. These colorful cloth napkins are large enough to tuck under cutlery without weighing down your table decorations and trimmings, making them easy to hold while dining.

3. Where can I buy cloth napkins ?

Ans: Bulk napkins cloth made of Polyester can enhance your food presentation, whether you're looking for a way to style your dining table every day or hosting a lavish dinner party. We are sure that you will discover what you are looking for right here at TableclothsFactory and that you will soon be setting your tables with style and satisfaction.

There are several vibrant color choices for our polyester cloth napkins for wedding and other occasions so there will be a match for your party theme and table decor, whether your taste leans toward traditional colors like black and white or more intriguing hues like peacock teal and terracotta. Meanwhile, our buffalo plaid napkins are a great option if you want to include a pattern in your table setting but don't want anything too overwhelming.

Use our polyester napkins to make fancy napkin folding and display them on top of a formal dinner plate, or place them beneath the silverware. If you want to give your napkins a majestic appearance, try adding a matching napkin ring as a lovely finishing touch.

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